NACA Day 1

Hey everyone!

Rob from S.W.A.T. here! So, NACA officially began today and it was pretty intense! I began by volunteering with Loryn as registration opened and handing out all the NACA bags. That was pretty easy, so it was enjoyable. It was awesome to see the rest of the delegation arrive and to see Jenn DeLuca!  The showcases and CAMP was awesome as I suspected and I can’t wait to see even more of them, but I want to focus on my Ed Session for this first blog post.

I, along with Chris E., attended “Changing Campus Social Culture: ABC’s of Late Night Programming”. I wanted to attend this because SWAT’s program are usually at night on the weekends.  Overall the session was good, but I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for.

The presenters from Boston College spoke about their Nights on the Heights programs, which were created to fight against the large consumption of alcohol on the weekends.  Most of the programs take place between 9pm and 1am, which is a little later than SWAT programming.  While I did get some ideas about possible SWAT programs (like a music night?), many of the ideas they offered are already being done by SWAT and getting equal if not more attendance than they specified.

It was very interactive and we were able to meet and network with a bunch of new people!  That was probably the best part of the Ed Session. I’m really looking forward to my future Ed Sessions and I hope they will be a little more relevant or more in depth.

That’s all for day one! The dressing was great.


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