NACA 2011: Day 1!!! :)

Today was an awesome start to NACA!

The first Educational Session I attended was entitled “In a Word Full of Leaders, Recognize the Value of the Anti-Leader.” When we were picking our ed sessions a couple of weeks ago, I was under the impression that this ed session was about people who were against student leadership and programming; however, the presenters defined the term “anti-leader” as a general member of an organization. The presenters stressed the importance of recognizing the value in an “anti-leaders” work and in determining the appropriate time, place, and manner of assigning “anti-leaders” responsibilities. The presenters also discussed how essential it is to maintain a good pulse on an organization and its members. I gained many ideas during the discussion portion of this ed session. For example, one school purchased a foam finger and gave it to a member, along with a thank you card, who they thought was doing an outstanding job. This member then passed it along to another member the next week and so on and so forth. Other schools had a rock or a bear that they gave to a different member each week, who then added something on to it or added a story to a book.

My main blog for NACA this year is the Sampler Showcase. There were eight acts of five minutes each, so sit tight while I explain each one. The first act was Cahill, which was a single, acoustic guitar performer that had a very coffeehouse-like feel. He was from the Boston, MA area. He had a combination of covers and originals. He was funny and sounded great. He was very good at involving the audience and getting the audience pumped up for the rest of the Sample Showcase. For example, when he performers his cover of Adele, he had different parts of the audience singing different parts of the song. The second performer was Kassie Moe. She had a smoky voice and a blue guitar. She, too, was an acoustic guitar/coffeehouse-type feel. She played some originals as well as some Jack Johnson and Journey stylings. She also had some audience involvement. The third performer was Scott Wesley. This was a group of three performers, two of which played guitar and one of which played a morocca-type instrument. This made for a very unique sound. They played a melody of covers including Ke$ha, “Love Is”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, and the Beatles. They were very entertaining and engaging. Performer number four was Jonathan Burns. He was highly entertaining, if not a bit racy. His act consisted of him appearing out of a suitcase, stripping down to shorts and a t-shirt, and then fitting a toilet seat cover the entire way down his body. While he was very intriguing for his five minutes, I feel as though it did not do him justice and his full performance is probably more rounded out.

Whoo…only half way there…Kevin Daniel was the fifth performer. He attended the Berklee College of Music and plays the piano. He seems very passionate about his music. He sounds very Coldplay-esque and plays a blend of covers and originals. Next was Deuce DuCartier, who’s act was a collection of hip hop with guitar playing in the background. It was certainly a bold and unique performance. There was a lot of bass and the main performer wore a tail, while one of the other performers wore a mask. He sort of reminded me of Busta Rhymes and had a combination of covers and originals. Seventh was Julia Sinclair. She had a funny and sort of nerdy personality. She played originals and covers, although her cover song selection was very different compared to other acts. She did an older Justin Timberlake song and a Lady Gaga song. She is releasing a record in 2012. She has a very smoky and coffeehouse-feel and overall a good sound quality. Finally, Matt Beilis performed. His act consisted of a piano and vocals. He did a cover of “Use Somebody”. He had a smoky voice. He was engaging and funny, and overall had a good original sound.

Overall, the first day of NACA exceeded expectations. I can’t wait to see what day two has in store for us! 🙂


2 thoughts on “NACA 2011: Day 1!!! :)

    1. I actually prefer the Sampler Showcase format as opposed to the Spotlight Showcase format. Admittedly, I don’t always have the attention span for the longer acts, especialły towards the end of the conference. Also, the sampler allows for more acts to be seen. And if for some reason we don’t like a particular act, it doesn’t drag on forever. Overall, I just think the sampler is a more engaging snd informative experience than the spotlight.

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