In a World Full of Leaders, Recognize the Value of the Anti-Leader: ED Session #1

This ED session described the relationship between the leadership of an organization with the members of an organization. The session very accurately described the traits of a leader as well as that of a member (aka Anti-Leader). A Leader provides vision and direction to members, usually has experience, makes decisions for progress, and acts as a spokes person for the group. A member of an organization, according to the session, has ideas but no skills to execute these ideas. They are loyal and willing to do thankless jobs and they have a lot of energy. A member can get discouraged if they are not given responsibility for tasks. The session also explained that in order to cultivate a group, a leader must give the members tasks, let them make decisions, and celebrate their success and hard work.

Although I disagree with the term “Anti-Leader” I think the session was very interesting and I immediately identified with the connections between members and leadership. I think when members were explained as not having executing skills, I thought to myself, “Not yet.” In my opinion, a leader should try to build these skills in their members, so that they might be able to take on leadership roles when they are ready.

This ED Session really made me ponder the relationship between members and Leadership, not too bad for my first day at NACA!! 🙂


One thought on “In a World Full of Leaders, Recognize the Value of the Anti-Leader: ED Session #1

  1. even if you didnt agree with the session at least it got you thinking… i dont know how i feel about the term anti leader, in my opinion everyone on PC is a leader just at different developmental stages. I agree with you though it does get me thinking about what kind of relationship and skill building we are providing for the members of PC.

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