Get Naked! ED Session 1

NACA has been absolutely amazing so far! Every thing has blown my mind. The performers are awesome and every school has so much spirit and has been so nice!

My first ED Session was Get Naked! The Bare Truth about Series Programming and I went with Jason to represent BSU! The title definitely drew a crowd. First we as a group defined series programming: a sequence of similar events. Next, we shared different series that we each do at our different schools and organizations. There were many good, out of the box ideas. One of the schools does a program called “Thirsty Thursdays”, in which every Thursday they serve smoothies and have an activity to go along with it.  Another school does a final exam series (Exam Jam) and dorm wars. Next, we got into groups and talked about the pros and cons of series programming. Some pros were: provides alternatives for students who stay on campus, builds tradition and a community of people, easy paperwork, easy to recycle materials from event to event. Some cons were: it could get boring, budget restraints, and commitment of members. The last thing we did was an activity to get us thinking about how any idea or theme could be turned into a series. It really got us thinking about how flexible series programming can be if it is marketed in the right way. When thinking about what qualifies for series programming, we considered 6 points that the two coordinators, Symphany and Roberta, gave us:

-Can the program you wish to hold be broken down into a series?

-If so, is the topic relevant?

-Is the series sustainable? i.e. finacially feasible and enough personnel to continue it.

-Will the topic captivate the student’s interest? i.e. energized WOM, best time and place

-Is the content of the program memorable enough to keep them coming back for more?

-Will the program topics attract a diverse population? or.. can the program be set up to attract a diverse audience?

Will that, I am going to say goodnight! The presenters did such a great job and it was great to hear from other schools about their different programs. Goodnight everybody!


One thought on “Get Naked! ED Session 1

  1. i love the idea of building traditions through series programming. I think that would be hugely beneficial for us here.. since we are always trying to find ways to connect students

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