Ed Session: Major Concerts

So the ed session I attended was entitled “Major Concerts: A Detailed Walkthrough From Start to End”, and it was just that. I never fathomed all of the work and preparation that went into planning and running a major concert event. The session went over the primary research involved in creating a major concert event (the date, budget, genre, location, etc.), finding the actual talent, finding a way to transport the talent to the event, creating contracts or “riders” for the event (these establish the terms of the agreement with the talent for example the nature of the payment they will receive, how long they must perform for, if they will be required to stay for a meet and greet either prior to or following the performance, etc.), selling tickets for the event if at all, advertising for the event, and finally purchasing insurance is applicable. Overall the session was lively and captivating. There was quite a bit that I learned from the session. For one I learned that there are professional middle agents. These are individuals who work in between programmers and the performers personal agents. These professionals are more equipped to communicate efficiently and carefully with the agents out there who can be known as “sharks”. They will make sure that they get the best deal with the performer for the students and will read between the lines of contracts to ensure that everything is fair and things will run smoothly. Using middle agents is a wise decision for student programmers. Secondly I learned about documents called “riders”. These riders are created by the performer/the performers agents that list everything a programmer needs to know about the wishes of the performer. They include how much the performer expects to be compensated as well as any other necessities the performer requires. These necessities can be something as simple as required transportation of extra equipment to something a bizarre as requiring a jar as Nutella and champagne at the venue for them. In addition to these interesting facts, I also became informed of the fact that the students putting on the concert event also have the opportunity to make money off of ticket and merchandise sales. I had originally assumed that these events were solely for the enjoyment of the students and any money produced by the event went to the performer however, if the event includes ticket/merchandise sales the school will often retain a certain percent (typically 10-15% depending on the terms of the contract signed between the programmers and the performer). All in all I thought today was awesome! The ed session was informative and the sampler showcases were amazing! I am so impressed by the talent here, so glad I was allowed to attend NACA! Looking forward to school swap!


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