Ed. Session # 1: Recruitment!

We’re finally here! The first day of NACA has been a blast!

The first educational session I attended during the conference was called “Recruitment: The Original Friend Request” presented by students from the Student Union Board of Governors from the University of Connecticut. This session appealed to me because it sounded like it could really help PC build our membership and keep our current members satisfied with our organization.

The session was divided into two parts: recruitment and retention of members. The presenters, Mike and Kelsey, gave us plenty of tips and ideas to use in our own organizations.

In discussing recruitment, they explained that it’s important to keep in mind members’ autonomy, mastery (like gaining important life skills for job interviews), and purpose for joining (making friends, planning events, etc.). They also stressed the importance of promoting organizations at involvement fairs, which PC already does! The presenters gave us some tips for branding the organization, which I found extremely helpful. I constantly took notes of little examples that we could use at BSU to grab prospective members’ attention! Kathryn and I took some great handouts with us that we can use for reference in the future.

Retention of membership had a lot to do with rewarding current members or making sure they’re happy with their involvement in the organization. They stressed the importance of delegating tasks to members to keep them feeling invested and also to give them a reason to be included. Many of their retention ideas were similar to ideas PC already utilizes, such as the points system or our recognition of member of the month.

All in all, the session was very informative and gave me some ideas to recognize our members more often. I can’t wait to put some of my ideas to use to improve PC!


One thought on “Ed. Session # 1: Recruitment!

  1. Sounds like something really helpful especially since we have been having a lot of conversations about branding! Cant wait to see what you brought back with you 🙂

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