Ed Session #1: Programs Gone Wild!

The first Ed Session that I attended was really interesting. I thought it was something that we could learn from as a delegation because all of us have had things go wrong at an event at one time or another. It was a really interesting session and was put on by Western New England College. They did a great job!

They showed us 2 unique strategies to deal with issues and used examples that were given from the audience. The first was called G.I.O.D.A. G is for Goals, I is for Information, O is for Options, A is for analysis, D is for Decide and A is for Act. They don’t always have to be in that particular order but they are all important steps to dealing with an unexpected issue with  an event.

The next was a chart that allows you to use as a checklist to determine the outcome of the event. I will be scanning this onto the blog as soon as we return to BSU.

We also did some awesome memory and creativity exercise that will be great ice breakers in the future.


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