day 1 of NACA!! 2 words: FLASH MOB !

So today was the first day of NACA and things went great!!! After arriving to the conference and grabbing lunch, we attended our welcome session which was a lot of fun.  Next we headed to our first Ed Session of the conference!  I attended the session titled “Using Disney’s Magic of Customer Service to put the Bippity Boppity Boo into your Programming Board!” This was an obvious choice of an ed session for me to attend given my past at working for Disney!  Overall the session was great, the presenters talked about many of the Disney service standards and how these can be translated into how we can make a better programming board.  One thing I really liked was the discussion about how Disney takes into account every detail of a guest’s experience including the atmosphere of the parks.  The presenters talked about doing this at your events, so instead of just having a singer perform, make it more of an experience instead of just sitting and listening to someone sing.

The rest of the day consisted of showcases which for the most part were awesome, and 2 marketplace sessions as well.  The camp’s went great, I got to meet up with some old NACA friends and met some new people as well!

The highlight of the day though was…THE FLASH MOB!!!! OMG it was sooo fun and fabulous!!!! We were all dancing going crazy, and Bristaco showed up too which made it 10x better!!! Overall a great day, including some great salad dressing at the welcome dinner 😉

Signing off now see y’all at 8:15 tomorrow!!

xoxo, Nicole


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