And the salad dressing… GREAT!

NACA Day 1: Check!


Wow, what a day. Not only is it 1:43 and I am starting to write this, but I have been up since 7:30 am! This is crazy……


     So today Lisa, Nicole, Joanne and I all drove down to Hartford, CT to begin our journey for the weekend. We arrived in Hartford around 11 am, and dove right into the fun! Upon arrival, we went to the conference welcome and were split into groups depending on the reason why we wanted to attend the conference. My reason was to network and connect with people all around the North East Region! Once split into these groups, we then played a trivia game on our knowledge of the NACA conference. Our group did pretty well, I was happy!

After the welcome session had ended, I moved over to room 24, and began to learn about Leadership through the Lorax! I LOVE THE LORAX! David Zumanski led the session with an interesting turn about half way through. We learned about cultural diversity and how the Lorax teaches us that everyone is equal; and we all are a leader to someone. Throughout this session, we arranged ourselves into groups of 3 and proceeded to give the group 2 minutes of our own time. Within this time, we were to explain to the group an internal conflict we had experienced at some point in their lives. These 2 minutes required everyone’s undivided attention, and honestly, it made you feel really great to watch people actually listen and comprehend what you were saying.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind! At dinner, we had some fantastic salad dressing (Thank You Nicole Mason!), and then our advisor Matt Miller was picked to go on stage for the magic show! Great job Matt, you made some excellent knots in that rope J

CAMP… oh, how I love thee. Going to the marketplace was SO overwhelming and fun! I grabbed so many cd’s and pens, and trinkets… I can’t wait for the next 3 CAMPs. Of course, in between CAMPs and the Hypnotist, it was only fitting to see spotlight 1. The slam poetry guys were INSANE  I loved watching them.

Well, since its now 1:54, I’m off to bed. I’m ridiculously tired and I need to have some energy for tomorrow.

That’s all for now friends! Catch ya on the flip side!


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