whaddup ya’ll?!

hello there,

My name is Nicole and I am representing Program Committee at this years NACA.  I am the Director of Marketing for PC so I am really looking forward to learning some new and innovative ways to market our events back here at BSU.  This is my second NACA, I did get to attend last year which was a blast, and I hope this year is even better!  I am a second semester junior here at Bridgewater, a corporate communications major and I also have a minor in Public Relations.  I do commute to school, but I live close in Lakeville, MA.  NACA is such an awesome experience, I hope everyone is getting pumped because we must win that spirit stick this year!!!

Thats all for now…oh! I commented on Constanza (Connie) Cabello’s post mostly because we share the same interests(red velvet cheesecake and hairspray!) lol here is my comment.  If that link doesn’t work which with my luck it probably won’t, here is the actual link 🙂 http://nacane.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/constanza-connie-cabello-orientation-coordinator/#comment-89



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