Remembering NACA 2010

I can’t believe NACA is over. After one week of catching up on the much needed sleep from our AMAZING but extremely busy weekend in Hartford, CT it is fun to go back and think about the conference. NACA was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I learned so much from the ed sessions about marketing and leadership. The most enjoyable part of the ed sessions were hearing other schools ideas for events and advertising. I got so many new ideas from other schools that I want to bring back to BSU and PC.

I think the most amazing part of the conference was realizing how amazing PC and BSU already is. Having people come up to me asking questions about how our programming board works and about other ideas that they heard about at the amazing presentations that members of the BSU delegation put on just made me realize that we really are amazing. Also going to the ed sessions and realizing we already do about 75% of the ideas mentioned at them makes me realize we are even MORE AMAZING.

The showcases were amazing. I can’t wait to bring some of the artists we saw to campus next semester. I have listened to my Steve Means and Rachel P CD so many times already. I LOVE THEM! The marketplace was amazing. It was so much fun meeting all of the performers, seeing different novelties and getting FREE stuff of course.

Cheering and showing our BSU pride is something I will never forget. Even though we may not have one the spirit stick or school swap award, I think that BSU had the most spirit at heart. I will never forget standing around the school swap table with the whole delegation cheering for BSU over and over again.(SCHOOL SWAP was chaotic but amazing!!!) Everyone on our delegation is amazing and I am so glad that I got to spend the weekend with all of you. Thank you Matt and Jenn for all that you did for us before, during and after the conference. You guys are awesome. Congratulations Jenn and Kelly for your awards. You definitely deserved them!

NACA 2010 is something I will never forget. So happy that I got to represent our amazing school and amazing committee! LOVE NACA 2010!

❤ Caitlin


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