NACA finale

After being back for a week I have come to appreciate all that is NACA.  Thanks to NACA I have been able to find some great potential artists from all forms of entertainment industries to bring back to BSU, all while meeting agents, learning for other delegations, and being taught how to handle new situations.  NACA is a wonderful conference that makes someone like myself who has been programming for two years now realize how great of an organization we have here at BSU, but also it makes you realize where your organization can improve in.  I have come back with new ideas for advertising our events that we put on so that a wider range of students are aware of our events.  Also, I have found myself being less hesitant to call agents because of how many people I spoke to in CAMP.  Overall this was an amazing experience that I can’t talk enough about.  I met so many people including students from other colleges which makes the experience even better because you leave with new friends.  I would recommend everyone apply to go to NACA because this is an experience that you won’t forget, and you will find so beneficial.  I can’t wait to share my experiences from NACA with everyone else at the college through future events and activities.


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