the showcase post- finally

My post is finally here for the fifth showcase that was on day 3.  There was a mixture of good and alright performers in my opinion.

Some of the good ones were the Emcees Project Dynamite, Cady Groves, Kevin Shea, and Michael Harrison. I thought Cindy Santini and Nelly’s Echo were good, just not my favorites. And Liquid Blue were just alright.

I would love it if we brought Cady Groves and Machael Harrison to campus. After hearing Cady’s cover of Paramore’s “The Only Exception” I was won over. When we got back from NACA I had to buy her music I loved it so much. I think she would be someone different to bring to campus. Her audience could apply to different people. Michael Harrison is a ventriloquist. I liked the characters he brought to life. He was funny and had me laughing a lot. He would be good to bring to BSU because his act is something I don’t think we’ve ever had before. His act would be something new and it would be fun to come up with fun marketing ideas to bring the audience to see him.

Project Dynamite was a funny way to break up all the acts and they have the potential to bring a large audience. They too would be something new for our campus with their use of humor and stunts. Kevin Shea had the audience and myself laughing the whole time. His humor wasn’t so different from some comedians out there, but he sets himself apart.

Cindy Santini and Nelly’s Echo were both entertaining. Cindy had a calm voice that would be more appropriate for an intimate setting, but I could still see her coming to campus. Nelly had a great blend of music that is also different from the usual genre of performers we bring to campus. He has a soul, reggae, blues sound to him, but with his beat boxing friend, his sound is brought to a whole new level.

Finally Liquid Blue. They were an interesting group. With a classic rock, and modern dance/pop feel to them they definitely stood out. I can’t see bring them to campus. They are a little too much for my own taste. I feel as though it would be a challenge introducing their style to campus. After watching the performances of the mild mannered performers before them, it was almost a shock when they came on stage.

All in all I was happy with these performers. They all were very talented and no one stood out to be “bad.” It’s just a matter of the styles of performers coming to campus.


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