my 2010 NACA experience

After having a week to digest my NACA experience, I’ve come to the following conclusion. It’s madness, it’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it’s educational. Everything someone could wish for and more at a conference.

I took so much from all of my ed sessions that I want to apply to Program Committee and my life. I learned a lot about Marketing and how to improve our retreats. There were new ideas that can be a breathe of fresh air for PC. By improving the committee, we can get bigger audiences at the already great events we hold. The sessions also helped me personally. The goals session I attended is something I’m always seeking to improve upon myself. By learning to make better goals, I know I’m more likely to follow through on those goals. Also learning about being an Advisor or an Associate has been something I’ve been tossing around as a future career for a little while. I’m leaning towards it more and more.

I didn’t realize how many different performers would be at NACA. It was great seeing all of the new talents. Going to the marketplace was overwhelming but brought gave us all fresh ideas for novelties or other performers to bring to Bridgewater. All the free stuff was great, but it was also helpful in seeing what the students would think if we brought these things to campus.

School swap was madness but the creativity of the other universities was great. Getting a chance to see how their activities boards do things was interesting to see. We all have different budgets and have different types of events on our campuses, but with the same goal in mind: to bring fun and diverse events to campus that everyone has an opportunity to attend and escape the stresses of classes.

I’m so happy I had the chance to go to NACA. It was one of those experiences that I appreciate opportunity. It was exhausting and jam-packed with things to do, but that’s what NACA is all about. I can’t wait to see who we bring to Bridgewater next semester and how we can apply everything we learned to our organizations! Until later NACA 🙂


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