Saturday’s Post….FINALLY.

So these next two posts are a long time coming…

First thing that we did on Saturday was attend two ed sessions.

1. Build Your Professional Portfolio Through NACA  -this session was about how to get more involved in the NACA world. I was excited to go to this session because Matt Miller had mentioned applying for a position within NACA, and I felt this session would be very helpful to go to. I was a little disappointed because I felt as though it was more geared toward professionals rather than students. They just briefly touched upon what students can do so I didn’t recieve as much information as I would have liked.

2.Imagining Your New and Improved Programming Board-This one was about reimagining your programming board. This session was okay.  A lot of the stuff they talked about was already something that PC has done. They did have two really awesome ideas that I think would be great to do with PC. The first would be to make a weekly poster of all our events, maybe we could put it up on our bulletin board in the Campus Center. The other thing is to have general PC infotables, basically just hold them throughout the Campus just to inform people of what PC is, how it works, what we do, etc.

The spotlight showcase that we saw after the ed sessions was OK. the only acts that I feel are worth mentioning are Cloud 9, they were great, they are a band, fun to listen too. Derek Gaines was a comedian that was also funny to listen too. Neither of them really blew me away, but they weren’t bad.

After the spotlight showcase we had lunch on our own, we all tripped to Coach’s a LOCAL place for lunch. Although Jenn DeLuca took us on the extremely scenic route, we got there and had a good lunch. There was a little debacle with clam chowder at Nicole & I’s end of the table, but we got through it. Hahaha.

When we got back it was time to go to another spotlight showcase. The only two from this showcase that I enjoyed was Kevin Shea, who we saw last year, I love him he’s so funny. I also really enjoyed Michael Harrison, he is a ventriloquist. HILARIOUS. It really amazes me how ventriloquist can do what they do, it’s nuts!

Next was a CAMP. Whenever there are camps toward the end of NACA you can see people’s energy levels slowly dropping, ahaha. We left this one early to go get ready for the banquet. At the banquet we were lucky enough to have Jenn win a Graduate Assistant Award and Kelly Harvey won a Student Leadership Award. They both deserve it, they are AWESOME! 

Some of us went back up to our room to get changed and then a select few of us had a singing session in the pool area, the hotel definitely hates us but that’s okay, it was awesome.  

We all then went to the final showcase which was AH-MAZING. everyone who performed was wonderful!

Shanelle Gabriel is amazing she is a spoken word artist and is so great, we saw her at nationals in February.

Crash Boom Bang was this AWESOME band who got everyone on their feet and provided great energy when everyone was losing it!

Next was A Pair of Nuts, they were hilarious! they were these two guys who were so funny, they did wicked funny skits and I loved that they could laugh at themselves.

After them was Jared Mahone. OH.MY.GOD. he was incredible. He could sing, he beat boxed, he got the crowd involved, he was ah-mazing. I would love to see him come to bridgewater. AWESOME.

Next was Arvin Mitchell, he’s a comedian and I got a chance to seem him at nationals last year and he was HILARIOUS. and still is. it was great to hear him again.

Last was SafetySuit. They were INCREDIBLE. they were so awesome on stage, and they were such sweet guys off stage. They were amazing and I love that they were on vh1’s top 20 countdown, they were great.

After the showcase was the final marketplace. it was still packed, and there was still so much to see.

The last thing of the day was a blow-up laser tag event, SO fun. it was quick but awesome, we also got a chance to watch live band kareoke which was fun too!

After spending some time packing up and spending some time in the room, it was time for bed and time to head home the next morning.

Tune in for my final NACA blog. 🙂

peace, love & NACA.



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