NACA in a Nutshell.


This year’s experience was so much different than last years. It was so great having so many of us there! I loved being such a loud & PROUD delegation. We won the spirit stick at heart.

NACA is such an incredible experience because it reminds all of us how awesome we really are. Our budget as a school is almost nothing compared to some of the schools we go up against and yet we do so many great and diverse events. We may not have won excellence in programming this year but we are most definitely still EXCELLENT, and what we do is EXCELLENCE.

Going to NACA this year as a completely different position is also something that changed my experience this year. I wasn’t looking for performers as much and my mind was in a different place. It was awesome going from a different perspective.

I wish we could take ALL of PC to NACA, everyone would really enjoy everything and would be able to recognize all that we do.

NACA was incredible and I’m so glad I was able to go again, I’m so grateful for this experience yet again and I can only hope I’ll be able to go again. 🙂

For the last time:

Peace, Love & NACA.

-Katelyn ❤


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