NACA Day 3- Marketing for all

The last day of NACA was another crazy day! The ed sessions I attended were Marketing based so I was really excited to see what they had for advice and tips. I was looking forward to them. The first I went to was called “More than a Megaphone: Marketing in an environment of people that are screaming.” It had a catchy name so I knew it would be a good one.

The presenter, Josh Walker, talked a lot about Marketing in general. He gave a lot of information about good marketing and how we should focus on the customer and those who will spread the word more. He mentioned goal oriented marketing, which I think is something that we definitely need to focus more on.

Something that a lot of emphasis was put on was having Brainstorming sessions. They are so important, that I starred and capitalized it in my notes. Marketing needs to be something that will make people think twice. I know what PC is doing now does not do this. I definitely want to bring these two ideas. I think they are something we are lacking in big time. Another idea that he mentioned was turning mass media into me media. Trying to not reach everyone but do a really good job at reaching those few people who will spread the word to others in a big way. He then gave some great tricks for the various types of media that can be used such as with all websites, buy a domain name so you can tell people a quick and easy web address that they are more likely to go to. Or for print media, less is more! I’m going to be using that phrase a lot more in PC marketing and to help the creative juices flowing.

My last ed session on NACA was called “Integrating Traditional and Online Marketing.” The presenter, Allison Skidmore from Quinnipiac, had some great tips for marketing. Some of the things sounded like something we’ve done in marketing, but for some reason her ways sounded better. Something I took from her presentation is the idea of Tease-Hit-Tease. I’d never heard of it before. It is a way of advertising where you tease the audience with a very vague flyer or poster or some other advertisement three weeks before the event. Then two weeks before the event you hit everyone with the information and details of the actual event. And two days before the event you tease them again. I think it’s a genius way to market. People don’t like to be kept guessing. If you make them curious enough they’ll want to attend the event.

Just a few other things I took from this session were surveying students about where they heard about an event can only make things better. Their input is what matters most, especially since they are the ones who come to the events. Advertise in the right place. We have a large spread out campus so finding a place where every student is going to see the information is something we are challenged with. She suggested places where students stand in line, like the bus stop or cafeteria. Overlooked or under used areas also are good.

And her last word of advice was utilizing all the different kinds of social media that are out there. Everything- Youtube, google voice, twitter, facebook, and even the odd “potty presses.” There’s lots of ways to get out there with our events. Let’s take advantage of everything we have!

Coming up: My showcase post 🙂


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