NACA Day 3! :D

Day three started out the same way: with Starbucks!

Ok, so first Ed. Session:

Big Shows for Small Schools

This session wasn’t the best because the presenters weren’t really prepared and they told us they would just “wing it”.  Basically they just talked to us about large scale programs they had done at their schools in the past.  They gave us a few tips.

We should understand our school campus and culture.

We should know and use the resources on and off campus.

We should be prepared.

We should make and keep our commitment.

They mentioned creating trust with our membership in order to gain support for any program we want to put on.  They said to make sure that we have a trusted middle agent when dealing with contracts and so forth and that there is fluid communication so things aren’t hammered out at the last minute.

They said that bigger programs like concerts are more work than normal and should be treated differently than others programs being put on throughout the semester.

He gave us an example of his school where the Spring concert is planned in October.  They use surveys to the students and thank those who help.  They keep a track record of successful events.

That was really it.  What I really took away from this session is that Bridgewater isn’t really a small school at all.  Our population is 3 or 4 times what the other students were referring to.  Our budget, however, is not much larger than theirs, so I’m not sure why that is.  We would not be able to put on large concerts with big names like the presenters were referencing, but I think we could put on some sort of concert.

Ed Session 2:

Club Reconstruction: Breaking Down and Building Up

During this session, a president of a program committee and his advisor spoke to us wearing hard hats and tool belts.  It was hard to take them seriously, but I tried.  They had a box of Jenga pieces.  They handed them out and asked each of us to write a problem that was going on in our organizations.  All of us built our pieces up and then he asked someone to come up and smash them down with a huge mallet. Fun

He picked up a piece and read the problem: Lack of Dedication and Motivation

Most people agreed with this problem, so we thought of some ways to tackle it.

-Free stuff, giveaways, point systems and incentive programs

Another problem was with Advertising. I listened closely.

-advertising during Orientation. Giving out something free to incoming freshmen with our name on it

-utilizing YouTube more

The final problem that came up that hit me as the most important was in-fighting/eboard problems.  I have experienced these issues and I was eager to hear what others had to say about it.  Surprisingly, most if not all of the schools present shared stories about eboard members not getting along and secretly plotting behind each other’s backs.  I was horrified to hear about this.  I didn’t think it was that common of a problem.

-There are outspoken people

-Members of the eboard will take sides

-Snap time may help (giving compliments to everyone on the eboard) by creating positive energy

The advisor didn’t really have much of an answer to this dilemma.  He even said you may want to consider removing problem members.

Although it may have ended sourly, there are still some solid pieces of advice I would consider using in RHA. 😀

As for the showcases, I was very satisfied.  The emcees weren’t the best, but some acts really stood out to me. Cady Groves had a beautiful voice, even though she insisted she was sick and Michael Harrison, a ventriloquist, was one of the funniest acts I had ever seen using only a tennis ball.

Laser Tag that night was really fun although it only lasted for five minutes.  The banquet was awesome and congrats to Jenn DeLuca and Kelly Harvey for their accomplishments!!! 😀



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