Goodbye NACA =(

All good things must come to an end…I certainly knew how true that was when I was sitting in class today just wishing I was at another showcase. NACA  was one of the best experiences I could ever have imagined. Between the musicians to the comedians to all the sessions I learned so much from.

I took so many notes during all my sessions and it’s crazy to think how much I learned within those three days. It really made me think and consider what I am good at and how I can focus on that. There are so many things I will take away from this and so many things I’ve learned about myself. As a business major, NACA was a marketing dream. I am a dork and am actually excited to do a presentation in my Marketing Class about this experience.

It is such a cool feeling to think that you may be helping someone with their dream career. Just by dancing and signing along to their song you know you are making their day. You realize you are making their dream a reality. To me, that is such a cool feeling. Each of these performers had such incredible talents and they are certainly on the right track.

NACA might actually make me stay an extra year in school….thanks NACA lol. It made me consider focusing on Marketing and perhaps being an agent for performers. Just an idea, but NACA certainly made me think about it.

There are so many highlights from this experience. From School Swap tp the market place, to me holding a freakin alligator and petting a lynx (that purred!?!) there was just so many memorable moments. I left feeling so proud of Bridgewater and how successful we are with our programing with the budget we have. We certainly showed our pride and every school there knew our pride. Great job to PC, SGA, RHA and SWAT delegates. I’m so glad I got to share the experience with you guys; You all were so much fun! And a huge Thank you to Matt Miller and Jen Deluca for all they did for us. I really appreciate them for giving me this opportunity and making it a great trip. So I guess my final words would have to be “Pick up ya feet and stomp it, stomp it!” Hola NACA!


One thought on “Goodbye NACA =(

  1. Nicole, I love your “final words.” Also, thank you for pointing out to me a new perspective on the performers. I never realilzed that by BriStaCo going up to the stage and starting a dance party, we were helping those performers’ dreams come true. That really is the great thing about NACA…its a beautiful symbiotic relationship. We get some terrific marketing, novelty, and event ideas, but at the same time the performers are given a chance to book new gigs and spread the word about their act. I hope your presentation in marketing class goes well…if it’s about NACA it’s already guaranteed to be one of the best presentations ever! 🙂

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