Day 3…a little late

I had a really great session about marketing. It was entertaining and engaging, most of all…it demonstrated how major brand names thought outside the box. One marketing ploy that stuck out in my mind was for the 50th anniversary of the game “Clue” they put soap dispensers in random bathrooms so when people washed their hand the soap would turn red.  The catch line was “Washing the blood of your hands, anyone could be the killer in the Game of Clue”. How cool!!!! Such a good idea. It made me really wanted to push to new ideas and get those ideas that will catch peoples eye.

I focused on the afternoon performance and it was less than memorable. Perhaps they were up against a tough time slot but nothing stood out to be. To be fair, they had a hard act to follow. The night before with the sticks procution, an amazing country band and so many funny comics they had a hard act to follow. The host for the performances I had didn’t give much energy which always hurts the acts that are apart of it.


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