Can’t believe NACA is over. :(

So, I never thought NACA would go by as quick as it did. I remember when I applied, and it seemed like the actual date was so far away.

First off, let me just express how wonderful Jenn DeLuca and Matt Miller are. They were so helpful for the preparation of NACA, and also during NACA, by sending out helpful reminder texts to everyone. They made our NACA experience wonderful and I want to thank them for being awesome.

NACA was so much more than I thought it could ever be. I was expecting a wonderful experience, but this experience was beyond amazing.

To start, the ed sessions were AWESOME. I never thought I could be excited to learn, and learn about new and interesting ideas that other schools have. I met a lot of cultural chairs or diversity chairs from other programming boards from other schools. It was so cool! We got to talk a lot and give each other input of how we all do things back at our campus. I never thought that a lecture would be a good cultural event, but after talking to another cultural chair, and seeing Marc Elliot’s showcase, I realized that cultural doesn’t have to be the simple cultural cafe. It can be much more than that, and can incorporate more than simply food. So hopefully BSU will be seeing Marc Elliot in the near future!

Another thing I loved about NACA was being able to network with the other schools. I loved meeting new people from all over! They all had so many different ideas that BSU did not have, and it was awesome to see how they ran things at their schools. It was also so fun to see their different “swag” that they have. I can’t wait to look at all our school swap things and sort them all out!

That brings me to my next favorite thing..School swap! I loved going around and trying to get the best things that other schools had. I also loved the reactions that other schools had to our springfest shirts with Bristaco on the back. They loved them and thought they were adorable! I volunteered for the set up of school swap, and had such a blast doing that. We got an inside look at all the tables before anyone else did!

CAMP (campus activities market place) was also crazily amazing. This was where all the vendors and performers were… needless to say, this is where I met Howie Day, so I loved CAMP. At CAMP, all the schools could get tons of information to bring back to campus, about different performers, acts, novelties, and lecturers. CAMP was amazing, and an awesome networking experience. I got so much valuable information, even cultural music performers from Wolly’s World Entertainment!

Overall, I loved NACA. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had, ever. I love looking at the pictures from it and talking about all the memories we made with SWAT, RHA, SGA, and PC.


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