Last day of NACA! Marketing Magic!

Hey everyone!!

Yesterday was the last day of NACA, and it was an amazing day! Waking up was rough.. a lot of us were running on only 4 or 5 hours of sleep! We started the day with Ed Sessions…my first one was on using Inclusive Language when having events as well as in everyday life. The speaker also talked about the difference between being “politically correct” and “inclusive” which I thought was very interesting. Being inclusive doesn’t necessarily mean being politically correct, it just means trying your best to not exclude people with your  language. An example was saying “You guys”. She said it would be better to say “Ladies and Gentlemen”..I like to go MB’s route by saying friends because it’s very inclusive! We also talked about when people say things that they don’t realize are hurtful or exclusive, and one expression was “that’s so gay” or “that’s retarted.” The presentation was supposed to have videos but she speaker didn’t know that the room wasn’t hooked up to internet. sad day.

The next Ed session I went to was presented by Quinnipiac and it was about marketing! It was actually very informative and I learned a lot of new ideas. One was to get a google voice account so that students can text things to a number for motivation to go to an event. She called it “action”. For example, when Norman the magician comes to school, we could have people text the word “magic” to a number (it can say that on the flyers) and we can pick a lucky submitter to win a Normam Prize Pack or something! Simple enough!

Also, her session opened my eyes to all the places on campus that we DON”T exercise and should think about advertising there! For example, QU asked their bookstore if they could use their display window to advertise for events. They got a mannequin, dressed it up, got letters to put on the windows, and advertised for a new event each week or so! So cool! I’m not sure if we can do that, but there are a lot of places on campus where we don’t advertise and we should. I know there are a lot of rules about things, but I think if we ask the right people for permission, we could find a lot of new places to place advertisements. One idea is the area in ECC where students put their trays away. Everyone has to put a tray away! Why not try to advertise there?

I am going to create another blog post for the rest of the day so it’s not too long! 😀

Have a great night!



2 thoughts on “Last day of NACA! Marketing Magic!

  1. Thanks friend! 😉

    Great post, sounds like a great session!!! I’m totes about being inclusive so I am psyched to hear there was a session on it!

  2. Meg, I find it interesting that the presenter of your first workshop talked about the difference betwene being inclusive and being politically correct. I guess it’s something I never really thought of before, but it definitely can apply to the programming world.

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