Congratulations, Jennifer DeLuca!

One of our favorite traditions in NACA Northeast is the awards banquet on the last night.  At this event, students and staff are celebrated for their contributions to the Conference and to the profession of campus activities.

BSU was honored through the individual recognition of Jennifer Deluca as the recipient of the Kevin M. Fahey Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award.  Some of you know Jenn from her work in OSIL, but others of you know Jenn for her work in Residence Life and Housing so you’re probably confused?  Well, she’s so outstanding that she works in BOTH departments!  In Residence Life and Housing she works as the graduate intern for BSU’s residential learning communities and in OSIL she works as our graduate assistant.

A bunch of us got together to submit letters to honor Jenn from both departments and I’d embarrass her completely by sharing them here.  I will, however summarize them by saying that we are all so proud to have this emerging professional as part of (both of our) department staff.

A really unique and talented graduate assistant is one that seizes the opportunity that the push and pull of professional experience and graduate education can offer.  Jenn has mastered the delicate balance of joining a community of learners as a graduate student with her arrival into a community of professionals in both of her departments in the BSU student affairs division.  From her work in OSIL, we are so grateful for the way she has immersed herself in learning everything possible and how she has also embraced our department goals, ideas, weird sense of humor…and even our lunches and 3 pm snacks.

Please join me in an online toast to Jenn and all that she contributes each day for OSIL! Post a comment and let her know how proud you are of her, too!


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