Spotlight 5! :)

Hi all, so Spotlight 5 I thought overall was not one of the better Spotlights, but there were still some decent acts.

First up are the Emcees or “Project Dynamite.  They did a mix of comedy with circus tricks.  To me, their tricks were pretty good.  I mean they weren’t like mind boggling, but they were decent considering the space, time, and materials available.  There  jokes were kind of corny at first, but got better as the time went on and became progressively more “dirty.”  I think they were a good duo, but I liked the other Emcee duo, Dave and Ethan better, and I would prefer to bring them to BSU (and their cheaper). 

The next act was Cindy Santini.  While I did appreciate her plug for breast cancer awareness, I didn’t think that she had a huge stage presence.  In other words, she was good to listen to, but there would be no real reason to see her live at BSU.

Cindy Groves was the performer with the cold, but I have to say, she did an awesome job!  I enjoyed her mix of originals with covers, including her cover of Landslide, which I may just like better than the original.  I also liked the scratchy sound of her voice, but they may have just been the cold.  She just signed to RCA records, so it might be cool to have an up-and-coming artist at BSU, but I think I prefer other musical acts over her. 

Kevin Shea was a comedian.  He did jokes about Gatorade and his YouTube friend, and several of his jokes were racially oriented.  I thought he was funny, but not my top choice of comedians to bring to BSU.

The next performer up was Nelly’s Echo.  I liked him.  He had a “soft sound” and a good beat.  I liked his combination of guitar and beatboxing.  He was definitely different but a good different.  However, after seeing Jared Mahone perform at the next showcase, I think I would rather have Jared come to BSU over this act (if you were to put them in the same category, and I think they are).

Michael Harrison was the ventriloquist.  I LOVED him! 🙂  I’m usually not big into ventriloquists, but he was highly entertaining.  He did the whole tennis ball, racquet, and a net sketch.  He then pulled out a more human looking puppet.  I thought he was different in his performance than most ventriloquists (with the whole tennis theme).  I also appreciated how when we messed up, he recognized it, made a joke out of it and moved on.  I would say he was easily the most entertaining act of the Spotlight.  I think we should bring him to BSU.  I feel as though we are always doing comedians or hypnotists, but a ventriloquist is something fresh.

The final act of the Spotlight was Liquid Blue.  I honestly am not sure how I feel about this group.  I don’t know how they have such international acclaim.  I did like the covers they chose, such as Just Dance, I Love Rock n’ Roll, and Poker Face, but I didn’t like the fact that they were just a cover band.  I’m not really sure how we could use them at BSU.  I don’t really see how they fit into our programs, and I’m not sure if anyone would really attend.

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of Spotlight 5!  Let me know how you feel about these acts too!

~Loryn 🙂


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