Today is a sad day. It is the last night of NACA. We live tomorrow morning… I have had such a fun time at NACA. I hope I get a chance to go again. It’s a great experience. I have talked to some many different people from different schools.
Today was a good day. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night but was up right when the alarm went off… I was so excited to see what kind of ideas I could get from the education sessions and the great loot I can get from CAMP.
My first education session I went to today was called “Leadership to the text generation. Ken Abrahams was the presenter. He worked for Fun Enterprise. During this session we were taught how leadership is so important to employment.  Ken said “leadership is about going out and taking it.” So to prove a point he tacked up a five dollar bill and said who wants it. So we all raised our hands and said me, me, me…..  But one girl actually got up and grabbed the five dollar bill. This is how he proved his point. Technology had a place somewhere and it is our job to figure that out. Overall this was a good session!!
My second education session was called Imagining Your New and Improved Programming Board. This was an ok session.  This session wasn’t geared towards what I was thinking but I did get a few ideas from what the other schools were talking about. I heard a school talk about how they put up a weekly flyer and send out a weekly email to all students about their events happening. It was a good session but it just wasn’t what I thought I was going to be like.
For lunch we got to go to a really restaurant. We went to a place called Coachs. It was really good. I had a buffalo chicken salad.
After lunch we went to a spotlight. It was good. My favorite was Cloud 9. They were awesome!! Not only were they cute they sang really good. They got everyone up and out of their seats. It was like I was at a live concert. It was GREAT!!  Everyone else was good but was not my type of performer.
We had 2 sessions of CAMP today. I got to get pictures taken with Safety Suit and Koo Koo Kangaroo. It was AWESOME!! Me and Caitlin C. went in the inflatable snow globe. It had fake snow. It was so cool.
During dinner there were awards. Kelly H. and Jenn D. received awards. It was so exciting. We all dressed up fancy and had a nice dinner.
After dinner we had yet another showcase. It was a good session. Crash Boom Bang was really good. They were a musical group. The other funny performers were comedians who like to be called a pair of Nuts. Check out this you tube video. . They were hilarious.
For the closing of the night there were two things we got to try out. The first thing was laser tag. It was really fun and the other was karaoke. But it wasn’t just any karaoke; it was with a full band. Instead of reading the words and singing along. There was a band behind you while you were singing. I could defiantly see this happening at BSU. It’s something different that we haven’t seen yet.
So to end the night a bunch of us sat in Starbucks and blogged about our last day at NACA. I am so sad that it is over. But this experience has been so much fun and I can’t wait to share everything I have learned and have explored to the committee.
So it’s goodbye for now… I will be blogging soon about how it feels to be home and all the stuff we all talked about at our last meeting.

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