I can’t believe NACA is already over! It went by sooo fast. But I have to say I am kind of relieved that I can now relax and catch up on some sleep. I am so tired that I fell asleep at one of the showcases today. It didn’t matter how loud it was, I was so tired that my eyes got so heavy and I fell right to sleep. Even though I am extremely tired, it is well worth it because I had an amazing time at NACA!! Now lets discuss ed sessions. Ed session 1: Big Shows for Small Schools. I thought that this session was gunna be a lot more helpful than it actually was. I was hoping to get some tips on how to get a big show onto our campus in Bridgewater with the little budget that we have. Even though it did discuss how to get big shows at small schools, these SMALL schools had HUGE budgets compared to ours. So pretty much everything mentioned we really couldn’t do because our budget is not large enough. But for anyone interested the four building blocks for a successful big show are 1. Know your campuses culture and community. Know the students, faculty, staff, etc. 2. Know Resources that are available to you such as lighting, sound, performance area, etc. 3. Preparation 4. Commitment It is important to give yourself enough time to plan a big show. Also before planning a big show find out who the students want. You don’t want to have someone you may like come if a large majority of the campus are not even going to be interested in going to the show. It is important to try and get who the students want. Make connections with people throughout the community through other events you may have. That way when you need their help they may be more willing if they know you and if they know the event is going to be a success. Ed session 2: Integrating Traditional and Online Marketing. For posters we discussed having a catchy title that is short, concise and provoking that will catch the reader’s attention and make them want to read the tagline which should be strong and supporting what the title says, also good photos on the poster is a necessity as well. It is important to promote in different ways for similar events you may have done in the past. Change up the posters and taglines so people get excited. Advertising in the right place is important. You need to advertise in high traffic areas such as places where students stand in line. Also begin to campaign in new areas that may have been overlooked before. When advertising, think outside the box (chalking, sandwich board, electronic banners, dry erase banners, display windows, coffee sleeves). At this session we also discussed utilizing online/social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and texting. When using facebook, continually make an effort to gain more fans. Use facebook to post pre release information. Twitter can also be used to pre release info, post photos of events, and give up to minute updates on event days. Youtube can be used to show videos to release events and promote. Text blasts is something that I really think Bridgewater should get into when promoting events. We do a lot of the other social media already and I think text blasts would give us a fresh new way to promote events and get students excited. This was a great Ed session and I think there were many useful tips that we can use back at BSU to promote our events. I had to focus on writing about Showcase Spotlight 4 today. Unfortunately I am not excited about any of the performers we saw during this showcase. Jen Kwok was the EMCEE. She played songs and told jokes. I just did not find her funny and do not think that she would be someone to bring to campus. Cloud 9 was a band that performed during this showcase. They were one of the better acts during this showcase. They are a band with lots of energy. I think that a band like this may be of interest to some people on campus but I’m not sure that they would attract a large crowd. Derek Gaines was a comedian that performed and he told a few funny jokes but nothing that really stood out. The Vettes were a band that performed. They sang “I Got A Feeling” and a song called “Lil Wayne.” They were a type of rock music band, but I did not enjoy their performance as much as I did others from other showcases. The last performance we saw in this showcase was 61Syx. They were a break dance group that told a story through music and dance. There dancing was good and they had lots of energy. The story they were telling was not very interesting but it was still cool to watch their dance moves, because they are definitely something I couldn’t do. Overall, this group of performances in Showcase 4 did not impress me. Even when I asked others from our delegation, they had the same reaction. They were just not impressed and nothing stood out to them that they wanted to bring to BSU. But later on in the day, the showcases did get better and there definitely were some that we were interested in such as a ventriloquist, a signer named Jared Mahone and a band called SafetySuit. Of course the marketplace was fun like always and our adventure to lunch at Coaches was fun too. We saw a huge dead bird on the sidewalk and then saw another one on lying next to the state house (not sure what is wrong with the birds in Hartford, CT) The food was great though and it was nice to get outside and get some fresh air. Overall today was a great day! Ending NACA with a game of laser tag and then singing along to karaoke was a great way to end a wonderful experience. Laser tag was lots of fun especially when I just went crazy and ran through the middle of the room yelling and shooting people when I had no idea that I was already dead.  Haha o well. The people I went with to this conference are all amazing and I am so glad that I got to get to know everyone better. I am so excited for Jenn DeLuca and Kelly Harvey who got awards at the award ceremony tonight for all their hard work. They definitely deserve those honors. I am sure there are a million things I forgot and I will have to add when I am more awake but for now I am exhausted and heading off to bed. Wow it’s 1:47am (well actually we change the clocks so I think its only 12:48 am but that doesn’t matter) and I’m done blogging. YAY! Going to bed. Goodnight everyone!! I LOVE NACA!! Thanks for a wonderful experience. I love you all!! ❤ Caitlin 


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