Day 3 overall was an awesome day! My first ed session what called, “Big Shows for Small School”. It was a very information session but there wasn’t really much that I could take out of it. The shows they were talking about bringing to schools were still to much for us to even think about. It did give me some ideas of how to go about planning a show in general too. It gave us some good advice about co-sponsoring too.

The second ed session that I went to was about diversity programming. It gave me some good ideas about some diversity programs that I could bring to BSU. I also went to this session with Lisa Goodspeed the cultural programs chair and we started to talk about co-sponsoring cultural events between PC and RHA. Sooo hopefully in the near future RHA will be having many more diversity programs, seeing as we don’t even have any now.

Overall the ed session today were good but I wouldn’t say that they were as good as the past two days.

When it comes to the showcases for today the first one was not good at all. There was nothing in it that stood out to me. The second one on the other hand was AMAZING! There was this one performer named Jared Mahone. He played the guitar and also could beatbox. He was amazing on the guitar and he was even better at beatboxing. I definitely would love to bring him to campus.

Overall NACA was probably the best conference that I have EVER been to. I have been to a lot of conferences in my day and this one was hands down the most fun and the most educational one I have been to.

This is Matt Cardillo signing off!! Goodnight NACA it was a BLAST!!


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