Today is our second day here at NACA. I was exhausted when I woke up at 7am after getting only 4 hrs of sleep. But Starbucks has become my new best friend.

My first education session I had today was called late Night Programming: A world of pure imagination. Me and Loryn went to this session together. This session discussed different ways to program late night activities. We have late night activities on our campus but on the other campuses they call late night activities After Dark. The times they do these programs are from 10pm to sometimes 2am. I’m not sure if we can actually plan this late but I know an average college student doesn’t go to bed till late. They also discussed different ways to get the students to attend these events and how to retain membership. It was a great confidence booster for us. Everything that the other colleges or the presenters said they have just started doing, we having been doing for years. They discussed their ways of promoting their events. The college that presented was Quinnipiac University. They started off this session by playing Late Night Bingo. The sheets had different reasons on why there may be trouble programming at night. For example, Lack of free stuff, lack of funding, or the students go home for the weekend. I have got some many good ideas that I would like to try and put on campus. They gave us a handout that had a list of events that were under $500 and above $500. One of the events for under $500 that I really like was adopt a fish. This event would allow students to decorate a fish bowl and get a fish. I think this would be really cool because a lot of students that I know already have fish in their resident halls. This is the only type of animal allowed on campus. Let’s be real for a second! What kid doesn’t like fish…? LOL… The event that I like that was over $500 was East vs. West. During this event the organization bought Chinese food and rented sumo wrestling suits. This would be a cool event because I think it would attack the male groups on campus that may not normally go to out events. This is something that would be good for our cultural committee also. We were also broken up into groups to talk about event ideas. My group had to talk about off campus events. One of the ideas that I liked was about a weekly movie trip. A college came up with an agreement with their local movie theater to have $1 movie night. They talked to the theater and had them pick their least busy night and had it then. I think this would be a really cool way for students to go see a new movie that has come out and at a cheap price. We could rent a van and shuttle people to the theater and charge $10. This could include the movie a snack and drink. Overall this session was really good.

My second education session was called Plug into the Lead in your Leadership.  This session was about developing or revamping a mentoring programming. It gave me a good idea for creating a commuter mentoring program.  Also to revamp your existing mentoring program you can involve other departments like athletics. This would be good for students that want to get involved. Involving health service would be good for freshman because it’s a good way to promote healthy choice. For example a alcohol awareness program. Overall this was a good session.

LUNCH!!!!  We had a doggie bag style lunch today. We also had to play a game where we were given a scientist or an invention and we had to find our match. It was a cool way to meet new people.

The lecture showcase we went to was cool. There were very inspirational and funny. My favorite one was Sex Signals. It was hilarious. It was about the good and bad of dating. They had funny skits about flirting. Marc Elliot was really good also. He talked about how he was born with a intestinal problem and had developed tourettes.

CAMP WAS AWESOME! It was overwhelming at first but it is fun. There is so many cool venders but so little time to check them all out.

A review on the showcase will come in the next blog….

What can I get for a t-shirt? School swap was so much fun. This was a time when we swapped out loot with the other schools loot.. It was amazing yet crazy at the same time.

And Finally it is now 1:54am and I am still not done blogging. Check out my next blog on the spotlight showcase.



One thought on “WE ARE AWESOME!!!!

  1. Amber, I totally agree with you on the Starbucks/best friend thing! And I’m happy that you enjoyed our ed session so much as well! I agree CAMP was a bit overwhelming too at first, but it got better once we got a lot of free stuff! 🙂

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