Showcase Session

At the showcase the emcee was Josh Cramoy. He was a singer/songwriter. He was really good. He sang a really funny song about the commercial. It was hilarious. He is really good at remixing songs and mixing them together.  Check him out on this you tube video…

The second performer we saw was Victor the Trickster. He was a magician. He was a really good performer. He was loud and exciting. He was good at getting your attention and retaining it. He performed this really cool trick. He had one girl pick a number between 1 and 1000, a boy pick a 4 legged animal and another girl pick a product she would buy. The girl picked 417, the boy picked a platypus and the other girl picked a scarf. He totally guessed wrong but at the beginning of the show he gave a tin can to a girl to hold onto. In this can were all of the objects they picked and what their names were. It was so cool. Check him out on this you tube video… .  

Another performer was Richie Holliday. This guy was hilarious. He had a really cool dance section, where he proved to us that he couldn’t dance. He had an electric children’s toy that had letters on it that you can press and it would say the name. He spelled out funny things and made them make noises. It was AWESOME!! Check him out on this you tube video….

The next performer was K-Flay. She was a 1 woman show where she would rap and create beats on stage. It was really cool. She introduced herself using beats and prerecorded letters or words. She is a phenomenal rapper. She started to rap to a beat and it started off really slow then proceeded to pick up on the pace. It was so cool by the time she was done. She was going so fast that I didn’t understand what she was saying. Check her out in this video.

The next performer was Mayda Del Valle. She was a really good poet. She did a poem about language. It was about all the different languages and how because she looks ethnic she must be Portuguese. Check her out in this you tube video

Lauren Ashley Bishop was the next performer. She was a comedian. She said the best way to pack is drunk because it’s like throwing yourself a surprise party. You never know what you have until you sober up and unpack your suitcase… She was funny. Check her out in this you tube video .

Howie Day was the last performer for the session. Howie is an already well know singer/songwriter. You did a good job performer. Most people already knew who he was so when he started to perform everyone ran to the stage. Everyone was excited. He is a good singer. He performed his know song “Collide.” It was good…Check him out on you tube .


Overall this session was AWESOME!! There were so many cool performers. Check out all of their you tube videos and let me know what you think and which one you would like to see on our campus. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!


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