NACAtastic Day 2

Hello All,

Let’s talk NACA day two. NACA is honesty something I’ve never experienced before and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I had two great sessions, one with one of our favorite people that come to BSU; I’m talking Michael Miller people!

Before I even entered my session with Michael Miller, the “milk shake” song was playing inside the conference room. I knew I was in the right place! He did a great discussion on how we deal with conflict. It’s the type of conflict that is unexpected which is the one we need to be trained on. He discussed how we personally react in that time and the good and bad qualities. We went into when and where  to use certain approaches.

I am so in love with the show cases!!!!!! So many amazing artist, and dancing in front of the stage with BRISTICO, Meg Ryan, Kate Rapoza and all the NACA goers! My two favorite artist were the Natalie Sovalo and the Koo Koo. Natalie and her band were absolutely amazing and so fun. We couldn’t stop dancing and jamming! They gave BSU a shout out seeing how we got everyone rockin’. And I got to meet with her after, she was so nice and so down to earth. Check her music out on Itunes!!!! And the Koo Koo was BSU’s buddies by the end of the night. We rocked their promotional mustache they got us and played along with all their fun line dances.

Oh and school Swap…absolute chaos. I didn’t even know where to begin or end. It was so crazy but so amazing. Honestly, I realized today how lucky I am to be here and gain this experience. This is my far the best conference I’ve ever attended and kind of sad tomorrow marks the end of our trip. But I can’t wait to put what I learned into action.


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