NACA!! Day 2! :)

Day 2 of NACA whoop whoop!  Today was by far the best day so far to me! 

The morning started off really well with my first Ed Session, which I went to with Amber.  The session was entitled “Late Night Programming:  A World of Pure Imagination.”  When each group walked in, we did a mock bingo game.  The squares on the bingo card contained reasons why programming late at night or on the weekends can often time be a problem.  Some of the reasons included people went home, went to bars or clubs off campus, went to sporting events, or perhaps visited friends at other schools.  Sometimes it’s problems within a group that cause issues in programming:  funding, resources, no events people like, other organizations interfering, programming “not cool,” and member support.  The presenters then showed a PowerPoint that gave us tips on how to improve late night programming.  It included reasons on why we should bother even attempting programming at these unpopular times.  Some of these reasons, most of which I hadn’t thought of included:  it appeals to parents; it allows people to socialize and meet new people; and it provides leadership opportunities within the organization.  Some ideas I really liked were: a fire and ice event (serve hot chocolate and ice cream), a spa night, a Deep Fryday, a video newsletter, and putting flyers in bathrooms and elevators.  Amber also attended this ed session with me, and we both agreed that this session was a major self confidence booster for us and for our university!  Bridgewater already does so much of what other groups are just starting to do, such as a point system.  Also, we put on similar events as other schools, if not more events, on a much smaller budget!

My second ed session was entitled “Sustainability and NACA:  How can we help?”  This was a fascinating and very informative ed session.  We viewed a PowerPoint on what exactly sustainability is, which I learned includes healthy environment, social justice, and economic growth.  An ideal sustainable society contains a balance of all three.  I also learned what NACA is doing to support sustainability.  There is an electronic lilbrary on NACA’s website, the National Wildlife Federation did a Campus Chill Out Competition, and there was a Campus Sustainability Day with a webinar.  Much of the PowerPoint and session was discussion based, which I loved!  It was great to hear what other campuses are doing to support this cause.  I know sustainability isn’t something that PC, RHA, and SGA don’t usually deal with, but I learned that we can incorporate being “eco-friendly” in small ways into our organizations.  For example, we can purchase organic cotton t-shirts as opposed to our usual brand.  We can also ask vendors what eco-friendly programs/novelty items they offer.  Again, in this ed session, I realized that Bridgewater already does so much to support environmentalism, such as all of the improvements in both Crimson res hall and dining hall.  But I still gained some great ideas!  For example, Stonehill is really trying to reduce their dependence on bottled water.  So they did this taste test of bottle versus tap water.  Most students couldn’t tell the difference.  If students participated in the test, then they received some sort of fancy sticker saying so.  This event sounded like a create co-sponsor ship opportunity because the running club helped to organize it.  Also, Green Mountain in Vermont, totally had us beat, which should be expected.  They are working on becoming carbon neutral and produce much of their own renewable energy.  Overall, my discussion group decided that it really is all about making it convenient for people to recycle or support the environment.  One of the advisors in the session pointed out that it is really easy with such a big issue to sometimes get down on ourselves about our efforts, but that really it is about taking it in small steps.  And the presenter, Heather Miller (who I thought was great!) kept saying that we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, which is very true in both sustainable programming and general programming.  Some organizations to check out if you’re interested in these issues are AASHE and HEASC. 

As for CAMP, I got so many great ideas for programming!  I got a massage, which kinda weirded me out at first, but made me feel very relaxed.  The women running it was very friendly and knowledgeable, and she said that they have come to Bridgewater before.  I think it’d be great to bring a de-stress/relaxation event to BSU, especially during finals.  I also received a lot of sample promotional ideas, such as hand sanitizer (spray and credit card style).  I think it would be a good company to look into when we got to re order promotional items.  My favorite two items of the day, however, were the messages in a bottle and the road signs.  I got an “Irish Parking Only” one.

As for Showcase, I liked most of the acts particularly Marcus, Plastic Musik, Rachel P., Natalie Stovall, Josh Cramoy, McVicar the Trickster, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Kevin Roberts, Marc Elliot, Michel Chikwanine (who I heard has already come to BSU), and of course, Koo Koo Kanga Roo!  I also think that Bernie McGrenahan and Sex Signals would be great to bring to BSU, perhaps for the Freshman Orientation Program or Christina’s FYI Program.  And let me just say BSU…I LOVED our spirit overall today!!!  From BriStaCo getting everyone pumped during Natalie Stovall and Koo Koo Kanga Roo to School Swap!

And let me just say that I LOVED School Swap!!!  We got so much free stuff and really made out like bandits!  Also, I enjoyed seeing some of the different promotional items from other schools, particularly the windshield scrapers and the duffel bags.  Some schools had some pretty awesome t-shirts as well!  I can’t wait to sort everything out back at BSU!

Well that’s it for now friends!  I hope everyone had a t-riffic Day 2 and is stoked for Day 3 of NACA NE!!!  I know I am!

~Loryn 🙂


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