NACA Day 2: Ed Sessions and Showcases!!!!

Hello everyone!

Today was another great day at NACA!  We started nice and early at 8 with breakfast at Starbuck’s!

At 9 was my first Ed. Session:

Imagine That! Implementing Successful Collaborations

In this session we talked about collaboration between organizations on our campus.  I attended it with Kathryn Gagnon. We agreed on many things, especially that RHA and PC should team up more in programming.  We also realized that BSU doesn’t do a lot of programming with departments and faculty.  We could definitely extend our reach to do more programs with the different departments on campus.

We were taught about the four C’s of collaboration:

Core (Mission and Purpose)


-talk, have collaboration agreements

-plan for who does what, held accountable

-task list


-help keep each other updated

-planning meetings (


-evaluation surveys (IN Network)

-suggestion box

-support each other

-meetings after the event to discuss

Ed. Session 2:

Building and Empowering a Strong Committee

I have a LOT of notes for this session, so I’ll try to sum them up a little bit.

When I went to this one with Matt Cardillo, I focused mostly on my Public Relations Committee that I have for RHA.

We discussed how committees and sub-committees give the members purpose at meetings.  They feel like they are more involved and will want to keep coming back.  We could possibly create chairs for each section of advertising. For example we could have a chair for online advertisements, one for giveaways, and one for posters.

We should set attainable goals that are written down for all to see.  They should be followed up with as well.  We could also put an incentive program into place (which we already have) to keep up the motivation.

We talked about retaining members and being personal with them so they know that we actually care. -“Don’t just delegate, teach.” They also said that good leaders know when to take a step back.

Public recognition is also important to motivate them to keep working.  They told us about different types of people: some are natural born leaders. They should be given more tasks.  Some are social butterflies.  They should be given a steady project.  Some members are insecure and require more motivation and help than others.  A good way to find our what someone’s personality is is by using the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

They told us to be the leader that you want to see and to lead by example.  We, as executive board members, should be committed to our members and do the dirty work in order to encourage others.  We should care about our members on a personal level.

They suggested having one on one’s with committee members.  This is something that I have tried but not formally.  I think it would great to start meeting regularly with members of my Public Relations Committee on RHA outside of the meeting.  They told us to give clear directions and to even pass our instructions on notecards instead of emails because it is more concrete.

Lastly, to keep people involved and up to date, some organizations send out different emails to members who missed a meeting, saying “We missed you at our last meeting”.

Overall it was a great session.  It wasn’t very involved except for at the end.  At the end I was able to talk with about four other public relations chairs from programming boards at other schools.  We went back and forth with the different things we do.  We were even able to help someone who wanted new ideas to help with advertising in the residence halls.

Lecture Showcase

The Lecture showcase after this was incredible!  Michel Chikwanine, who came to Bridgewater last semester, told an amazing story of his childhood.  Marc Elliot, who has Tourette’s syndrome, brought us face to face with his disorder while speaking to us about his struggles.  Finally, Bernice McGrenahan started off with what seemed to be a comedy routine, only to end on a rather somber and shocking note about the effects of alcohol on his life.  It left a very lasting effect on the entire audience.

Showcase Spotlight 2

This showcase was…alright.

The emcee, Josh Cramoy was pretty entertaining, sining a song in between each act.  He kept it interesting by singing some new hits and some original songs as well.

The first act, McVicar the Trickster, was interesting enough, but I was never fully satisfied by him.  His jokes were not meant to be outrageously funny since his magic was meant to make up for them, but even the magic didn’t impress me.

Second was Richie Holliday, a comedian.  He was quite funny, but I didn’t really start laughing until the end when he pulled out his electronic alphabet board and was telling jokes just by pressing the letters to make the sounds.  Very original and very entertaining.

Third was K.Flay.  She looked and sounded like a DJ, but she sang as well.  She calls her music a mix between “hip hop, indie rock, and electronic”.  It was definitely something new to my ear and her rapping was very quick and skilled, but I’m not sure how much interest there would be for a large audience.

Next was Mayda DelValle.  She was a slam poet.  She was incredible.  I had never heard slam poetry live before, but I could feel the emotion in her voice passing through me.  The words flowed out of her so naturally and with such power.  This type of act is not for everyone, but she can definitely captivate an audience.

Finally, there was Howie Day.  The name was familiar to me, but I didn’t know why.  Apparently he had one hit a few years ago.  “Collide”. Yes, I do remember.  He came out, not saying a word, and started singing.  I really wasn’t that impressed until he started looping sounds with his guitar to create his own music.  That was very interesting.  I was surprised by how interested I was in music that was not t.A.T.u./Russian. 😀

Overall, it was a great day.  After that we had the School Swap.  It was INSANE.  There were so many people trying to trade all their stuff, but it was fun.  It reminded me of the school swap I did in San Diego for NACURH.  In the end we all stood by our table and started cheering. 😀



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