NACA Day 2!= AMAZING. Howie Day. enough said.

So day two was spectacular. The first ed session I went o was called “Fulfilling Your Program Potential.” Different ideas we discussed in the session were to have reslife work with programming boards to create successful programs and increase attendance. If the event meets a requirement for the res hall, then the RA’s would get credit for the programs. Another idea was to have collaboration with orientation about different programming information. Many other ideas have had Kelly’s dream: one schedule of all the programs throughout campus, and each day has only one program.  So wonderful.
During the second ed session, I had the Excellence in Programming Award with Rachel, Kelly and Karthryn. Fingers crossed that we win!
The Lecture showcase was awesome. Kevin Roberts was awesome with informing people about food. We were told that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and that everyone should eat breakfast. Also, the freshmen 15 are from fries, cheese burgers, sugar, and soda…so in order for people to stay away from the Freshmen 15, they should avoid these foods. He told a lot of interesting facts and got the audience participating a lot.
Mark Elliot= amazing. His lecture is called “What makes you Tick?” I want him to come to BSU next semester for the Cultural committee. I think he would be an amazing speaker and has an important message to get across to people: tolerance. His quote is “Live and let live.” As soon as we get back to BSU, I am going to do an event proposal! 
Michel Chikwanine was another speaker. We had him come to BSU last year. He was a child soldier and was forced to kill his best friend at 5 years old. His website is and I would definitely want him to come back to BSU.
Bernie McGrenahan was a comedian in the lecture showcase. At first, I was not too fond of him. But once he started talking, I warmed up to him. He has a very important message to get across which he does with comedy. His brother shot himself when he was younger, and he also suffered from an alcohol abuse problem. He has a very important message to convey, and I think he would be a great speaker at BSU.
Sex signals was the last showcase. They talked about how many people use words to describe sex in the wrong ways, and how guys and girls have a double standard. They started with comedy, but ended in talking about a serious matter, sexual assaults and date rape. I think they were pretty funny, but I would not suggest them to come to BSU.
At CAMP, we got tons of free stuff and new information to bring back to campus…even the cultural committee! I got a book of new performers that relate to cultural events. Koo Koo Kanga Roo is amazing. I absolutely love them….speaking of love….
Howie Day= <3. I loved his performance and met him later at CAMP. He is such a sweetheart, and I would love to have him come to BSU. I talked to him for about 5 minutes and got all his information. We should definitely try to get him to come here! I also loved Five Times August and Austin Kyle. I think we NEED to get these performers to BSU. Everyone would love them….oh, and also Steve Means with Koo Koo Kanga Roo.
School swap was crazy. I won a duffle bag from some kid from SCSU…its wonderful. And I also fought for some shirts, bags, pens, and other treats. I can’t wait to go back to BSU and look at all our treats! 
That’s all for now loves. Hope you all had a wonderful time today, and time for a great time tomorrow. This last day needs to be the best!


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