madness of NACA day 2

NACA day 2 was just as great as day 1, but was only a little more tiring.  I definitely didn’t sleep as long as I could have. I started losing steam around four but suddenly I had a burst of energy just in time for school swap.  Today I went to two sessions. One was called “Imagining the Perfect Retreat” and the other was called “What’s important to you? Lifetime goals and bucket lists!”

“Imagining the Perfect Retreat” had a lot of information included in it. Two people from Western New England College gave the main points on what you should work on at a retreat. We talked about what a retreat was and the benefits to having one.  Many of the things they suggested, we already do at our retreat.  What I enjoyed was the way they went from the pre-retreat prep to what you should do after the retreat.  They gave in depth details of examples of retreats they had for both their Campus Activities Board and RHA.  For their school they were able to go off campus for 2 days for a CAB retreat. While we don’t have the budget for something like that, they generally did the things we do at our PC retreats, but have more time to do it.  They have a new e-board on the first of December so their retreat takes place in January. They used this retreat as training for e-board.

Something about the retreat that I think we should try to incorporate or look at our own e-board retreats would be the budget and more on the committee management. While we all learn what our roles are in our position as general members I think we could incorporate what they called CAB 101 but for us PC 101. It’s a rundown of ALL things PC. This would take some planning and maybe an additional day to the retreat, but the more e-board knows about our positions, the better job we can do at helping the general members and make successful programs!  As for our general member retreats, many of the different things they talked about, we usually get a chance to do. Go PC!

For our RHA friends, the retreat Western New England College has for their e-board is also a two-day retreat but more RHA centered, obviously.  They stay in two town house style residence halls and basically do everything in there for a weekend.  They do some different activities like using a stoplight and going through topics. In response to the topics they had to say red if the topic really irritates them, yellow if it only kind of irritates them, and green if they don’t care about the topic. It gives everyone a chance to see what makes the others tick and how to resolve a problem that would arise because of whatever irritated them.

Goals were a part they also touched upon in the presentation. Again, much of the things they mentioned we do already, but I believe the follow-up portion of goal making is something PC could put more emphasis on for general members. It holds them accountable and gives them something to look forward to, which will possibly help retention in the long run. There’s always something we can improve on.

The second ed session I went to was about making lifetime goals and bucket lists. The first activity we did was about finding what was most important to you today and seeing how that influences your goals. Goals always seem so intimidating to me, but they’re starting to become less and less of a problem for me to make. I’m definitely going to be looking at my college and lifetime goals very soon to see what I need to do to achieve some of them.

The rest of the day was fast paced and crazy again! I had a chance to get to know a couple of the artists a little better and listen to or watch their acts. I have no complaints about the showcases! ALL of them were FANTASTIC!  I especially had fun at the last. I really enjoyed Rachel P and Natalie Stovall. And I think everyone was looking forward to the mustache guys, Koo Koo Kanga Roo!

I never realized how many performances and marketplaces made up NACA. It’s been really great having the chance to represent BSU here and seeing all the new and exciting things to bring to campus. Since it’s technically the morning, Happy NACA day 3 everyone! Let’s see what’s in store for us today 😀



One thought on “madness of NACA day 2

  1. Meghan, I agree that School Swap was energizing and absolutely crazy! Also, I really like the CAB 101 idea, and I really, really like the staying in a townhouse/hotel for the retreat! I think two days would really help with group bonding and productivity! 🙂

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