Holy Crap….NACA day 2 was NUTSSS!!

The first session that I went to today was the “Leave that Suitcase in the Closet” session. It basically all about how to keep your students on campus for the weekends. This session taught us how to take our school and start to get away from the suitcase school perception. We learned why students go home and ways to try and keep them on campus. One thing that I found very interesting was trying to take events that usually go on during the week and start to slowly move them to the weekend. These events should be popular ones that would bring a lot of students to them on the weekend. Another thing that we learned was that we should collaborate on large scale events. This is something that I have thought about doing and during this conference I have been talking to both PC and SGA about co-sponsorships. Overall it was a good ed session.


The second ed session was “Building and Empowering a Strong Committee”. In this session we talked about how to organize a committee to make it strong and make the organization run much more smoothly. We talked about creating sub-committees within the organization. Another big point that was made was creating a system of accountability. I think that this is a great thing that could be brought back to RHA. I want our membership to feel like they are a bigger part of the organization and that they have responsibilities. I will definitely bring stuff that I learned today and bring it back to my organization.



Kevin “the food guy” Roberts – He was a very funny presenter and he was wicked smart! He is the national spokesman for “Franks Red Hot Sauce”. We also learned the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When he comes to campuses he talks a lot about the freshmen 15 and how to avoid it. I think that he would definitely come to BSU.


Marc Elliot – His presentation was called, “What makes you tic? He is a motivational speaker that has tourettes and talks to students about tolerance and acceptance of people that have disabilities. His big statement was that tolerance should equal the fact that you should “live and let live”. This is the statement that he lives his life. He was an amazing man and would be an amazing diversity speaker at BSU!


Michel Chikwanine – Michel has already come to BSU and was a huge hit. He speaks on behalf of me to we and feed the children. He is a man who grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was taken from his family and forced to become a rebel soldier. While a rebel soldier he was forced to kill his best friend! After two weeks he was able to escape and return to his family. He was later given the chance move to Canada and that is what he did. So once he got here he wanted to spread his story and let people know of the troubles going on in the Congo. I believe that it would be good for us to bring Michel back to BSU!


Bernie McGrenahan – He was an amazing speaker! He started his show off with comedy but he then worked it into a more serious message of drug and alcohol abuse. He talked about his personal life and how drug and alcohol directly affected it. He was a good student in high school until he started to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Then his grades started to drop to the point where he eventually lost his baseball scholarship. Thing only went downhill from there. He eventually ended up with 3 DUIs and was in an LA County prison for 6 months. He brings a very serious issue up to students and I know that I took away a lot from it.  I think that he would be a perfect speaker to bring to first year student orientation!


Sex Signals – This was a very good lecture. It was a funny but had a very serious message behind it. They talked a lot about stereotypes that are given to both males and females. This is also a group that I would love to bring to BSU and believe that they would be good for orientation!


All of the lectures were amazing!


As for the rest of the showcases all of the performers were amazing and I am going to definitely be looking into bringing some of the acts to BSU!


School swap was amazing. I enjoyed every second of it. Bartering with other students was a ton of fun and we came away with a ton of stuff from other schools!


Goodnight NACA!!


Day 3 here we come!



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