Free Bear Hugs!


NACA day 2 is coming to a close and surprisingly I’m not tired. It has been such a great day. I started off with doing the ed session with Matt and Katelyn and it went amazing! We filled the room and the students seemed geniunely interested! They asked a lot of questions and after I heard from Amber, Caitlin and Sam that they heard people in their next ed session raving about ours!

After the ed session I went straight to present excellence in programming with Rachel, Lisa and Kathryn. Unfortunately I am a little less excited about this because we lost a lot of time with computer problems during set up and didn’t really get to finish our presentation. We can only hope for this time and learn for next year’s presenters.

After EIP we went to lunch!

After lunch we went to our first showcase, it was the lecture showcase and it was awesome! I really enjoyed all of the speakers and could really see any of them coming to BSU. I really liked seeing Michel Chikwanine, I attended his lecture last semester when we came to BSU and is truly an inspirational speaker. The Food Dude was a really interesting lecture and would be a cool event to co-sponsor with RHA (maybe?) and Bernie McGrenahan, a lecture about alcohol was really entertaining and informative and neither felt like a lecturer. The sex signals lecture was interesting and would probably bring a big crowd to BSU but I also loved Marc Elliot’s “What Makes You Tic” lecture and could see that maybe being an interesting different type of lecture.

After the lecture showcase we went to camp, my favorite of the campus and I got some more great free stuff.

Then there was spotlight showcase 2 Josh Cramoy was the emcee, he’s out of Boston and had a really nice voice and some really good covers. The first act was McVicar the Trickster he was really good with his mind reading tricks and his humor was a little innappropriate. Richie Holliday was a comedian who had some hilarious jokes about sesame street and using children’s alphabet toy. K.Flay was an interesting rapper while making her own sounds and beats. Mayda DelValle was the first spoken word we saw and she was really good. Lauren Ashley Bishop was also one of first female comedians we have seen and she was really funny. Last but not least was Howie Day, he was really good with the guitar and played collide but didn’t really seem like the nicest performer there.

Next was dinner on your own!

After dinner we had school swap setup and I am really confident with that we are at least int the running to win something for school swap. Bristaco was seen walking around offering free Bear Hugs to anyone who wanted one.

After set up we went to spotlight showcase 3 and it was by far the best showcase yet! The emcee Marcus was hilarious and did a great job of getting everyone excited for each act. The first act was Plastic Musik and they were amazing! I would love to bring them to campus they are basically like a new less creepy version of blueman group. they can play from classical to pop songs with their pipes and drums. Maybe if we ever did bring them a door prize could be tickets to Blueman Group. Rachel P. was a muscian who could sing and play the piano and had a really nice sound. Next was MC Mr. Napkins and was an interesting type of comedian/rapper. My personal favorite rap of his was between the bee rap and his charlie bit me rap (both of which are on youtube). After him there was Natalie Stovall who was a country singer who played the fiddle. She and her band were really good, Casey was actually dressed as Bristaco and ran up to the stage to start jamming to the music and actually got a whole crowd to join him (I don’t know what else we need to do to win the spirit stick haha). Dat Phan, a comedian, was after that and he was pretty funny he had a lot of stereotype jokes that I think could be controversial. Last for this showcase was Koo Koo Kangaroo and they were awesome and got everyone up and moving with their different kind of “raps”, dance moves and crowd participation. This showcase was absolutely awesome my favorite so far.

After the showcase we had another camp and Meg Ryan had gotten here so we roamed the camp together (it was so nice we got to reminice about last year, meet some really cool people and see some friends we already knew). It was pretty funny to be hanging out with Cindy Kane, Ken Abrams, Meg and Michael Miller when Michael randomly chucks tootsie rolls into unsuspecting booths. I did have to leave camp early to go work on our presentation with Jenn and Kathryn (wish us luck!)

After that we headed back upstairs to the school swap where it was utter chaos. I stayed a the table the entire time and I cannot believe who we had to barter and trade! We now have so much stuff from all other schools! I can’t wait to split all this stuff up later! And now here I am sitting in Starbucks blogging. I think it is time for bed to rest for another fun filled day at NACA!



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