Day 3- Bristaco arrives!

Hello Friends!

So today marked NACA day 2! When we woke up we ventured to starbucks to get some sort of breakfast.

After that it was time for 2 Ed Sessions!  The first Ed Session Kelly, Matt and I presented at, it was called Enhancing and Empowering Your Membership! People really seemed to enjoy it; everyone asked a lot of questions. Even after the session others in the delegation heard others talking about it which is awesome! It’s nice to hear that there was a good response.

Following that Ed Session, instead of going to an Ed Session I went to the Excellence in Programming  presentation. Rachel, Kelly, Kathryn and Lisa did great!  It’s so weird to think how small our budget is compared to other schools, but it’s awesome that we still succeed in so much!

So let’s talk performances:

Kevin Roberts- awesome. “the food dude” enough said.

Marc Elliot- This guy is amazing, he has Tourette’s syndrome and goes around the country talking about how people perceive others, our actions, etc. You ignore his “tics” that occur while he’s talking because he’s so incredible.

Bernie McGrenahan-He said he was a comedian when he came out on stage, but I didn’t think he was very funny, that was until I realized that his lecture wasn’t, in fact about his comedy, it was about his family and the role that alcohol has played in his life, it was really great, I’d love to have him at BSU for orientation!

Then there was the Spotlight showcase; the performances were OK.  There were 2 that I thought were really awesome.

1.)    Richie Holliday- HILARIOUS. He was this kinda awkward comedian. SO. FUNNY. He talked about doing the shopping cart dance, how country music always puts things so nicely (SO TRUE) and he joked about how he should walk around with a children’s keyboard in order to successfully date. So  funny.

2.)    The other performer was McVicar the Trickster, at first we all were like this guy is lame, but then he proved himself with some really freaky tricks that didn’t possibly have another explanation besides magic.

Following the Spotlight Showcase we got the chance to relax for a little while to have dinner, we got pizza and just chilled in the Starbucks lounge, then it was back to business! We got all of the school swap stuff and went to town. The table looked awesome! We all did a great job, I’m so proud of everyone!

Then we headed to another showcase, this showcase was AH-MAZING. I can’t even go into detail, that’s how awesome it was!  There was a hilarious emcee, his name was Marcus and he reminded me of Dane Cook (and he was very cute, so that was a plus). After that we had a band called Plastic Musik, they played on tubs with these plastic stick things and they had plastic bags, etc, but it was PHENOMENAL. After them was this guy called MC Mr. Napkins, I know he sounds lame but that is far from the truth he is this hilarious Rapper/Comedian, look him up!  Following him was this girl Rachel Pete, she was so bubbly and had such an upbeat sound, I think she’d be great a BSU, maybe springfest?!

After her was this awesome country sounding girl, Natalie Stovall, SO GOOD. Bristaco, Meg Ryan and I stood at the stage alone dancing and then before we knew it there was like 80 people at the stage, it was epic & awesome. So much fun! Following her was another awesome performer, Dat Phan the original last comic standing, he was so great, his jokes were clean, and funny, those are the best. J

Lastly was Koo Koo Kanga Roo!  They were so great! They rap/sing, teach you dances and it’s just a good time, unfortunately Caitlin, Amber and I had to leave a little early to go volunteer, but they were still fun for the time being.

We volunteered at CAMP until school swap, & I got a picture with the country artist. Best. Day.

FINALLY IT WAS SCHOOL SWAP TIME!  It was chaos as usual, but it was AWESOME. We have tons of new innovative things to bring back to school to work with, not to mention some new swag.

When the day finished we ordered Chinese and now we are all blogging, it’s been a long day, but an awesome one.  It’s time to go to bed now though, until next time….

Peace, Love & NACA.


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