Day 2


 So now Day 2 of NACA is over and it was a huge success. We had Ed sessions, lecture series, a delicious lunch, showcases, marketplace, and SCHOOL SWAP!!! I’m pretty sure there is not much more a person can do in one day. NACA is crazyyy busy but also extreme amounts of fun.

                Ed Session 1: Who’s Your Audience: Programming with a Purpose.  This whole Ed session discussed tracking and diversity on your college campus and how to promote social justice. Social Justice is taking action to support and involve all members of the community. One example that they used was when they had a comedian on their campus one year who discussed things extremely offensive to some audience members. People after the show were very upset. After this event they learned that they need to talk to all of their performers before the shows to discuss the diversity of the campus and that they need to be mindful of the audience. After they gave examples we broke into groups of 4.  My group was given School A which meant that we were a Large Public University with 40,000 students and a budget of $30,000. We had to come up with a way to take over our campus center and incorporate social justice. My group decided that we would have a huge event called Dance around the World. At this event we would incorporate all different types of dance from all different cultures, especially ones represented on the campus. We would have instructors teaching all the different types of dance. Other examples given were having different string instruments, a Text Request DJ, Culture Week (includes a lecture and culture cook-off) and many other awesome examples. This session was very interesting especially hearing all the different experiences each campus has had with either positive or negatives of social justice.

                Ed Session 2: Senior Programming: A time for those who seek to find…A way to leave their alma mater behind. I really enjoyed this ed session, I think this was my favorite thus far.  First people described what a senior is with words such as stressful, ready or terrified, bittersweet, finding a job, etc. Then “The Senior Experience” was discussed. The purpose of the experience is to bring memories and closure for seniors, to reflect on everything you have done during your years at the college and to think about what is coming next in life. As student leaders we need to help develop the leadership, character and values of seniors. It is important to help seniors transition to their next step in life just like we help 1st year students transition into college. It is also important to help seniors with career preparation, grad school info if necessary, and just the necessities of life such as finances. Too meet the needs of the senior classes ideas were given to have fun activities as a way to relieve stress.  Life skill workshops, dress for success fashion show (which I thought was really cool!) 101 things to know after you graduate books for seniors, etc were all some of the ideas mentioned at this session.  At the end of the session the leaders gave us an example of what would be their perfect senior experience which gave us even more ideas that we could use to help create the best senior experience on our campuses. I think that the reason I enjoyed this session so much was that the leaders were so into what they were talking about and passionate about what they do. They really want to help make seniors have the best experience ever and being a senior I really would love to have lots of the activities they mentioned.

                Showcases were amazing today. I don’t think there was any that I didn’t like. We even got to listen to some lectures as well.  My four favorites of the day were Plastic Musik which was a group who used plastics tubes and buckets as their instruments. They were amazing and lots of fun. I also really enjoyed Rachel P. She had an amazing voice and her and her drummer just smiled the entire time so you could really tell they enjoyed what they were doing. Natalie Stovall was amazing that’s pretty much all I can say. After Bristaco and a few other BSU delegates ran up to the stage the rest of us followed and then all the others schools followed and just created a giant country dance party in front of the stage. I loved how they had a country singer here at the conference! I also loved Koo Koo Kanga Roo. They were just lots of fun and I loved how everyone brought their mustaches to the performance.

                The marketplace was amazing as always. I even got to volunteer at the 2nd marketplace by helping out at the silent bid table selling pins and buttons. “I ❤ NACA!” I think the most amazing part of the day though was school swap. We planned and set up an amazing table and bulletin board. It was definitely full of school spirit and I am hoping we get an award. At the school swap we traded so many t-shirts, bags, water bottles, etc with other schools. We left with 2 huge boxes and bags and bags of promotional materials from other schools. It was amazing and BSU definitely had the most school spirit. It was definitely a night I will never forget!

                I will definitely post lots of pictures and videos of the delegation and artists when I get home. But for now, since its 1:46 am and I still have to shower and get at least some sleep, I’m going to shut down the computer and head upstairs. Goodnight everyone! Can’t wait for our next but last L day at NACA!!!

❤ Caitlin 🙂


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