Day 2 – The Second Day’s Even Better

Another day down here at NACA, and I just keep having more fun as the hours go by. We just got out of school swap, and it was AMAZING. It was even busier and crazier than I imagined, but it was one of the coolest experiences ever. Bargaining for t-shirts, screaming our BSU cheers, having armloads full of free stuff…the list of insanity just goes on and on. I think I’m going to go to bed singing “BSU, BSU, BSU!” to myself all night long.

My Ed. Sessions:

1) “Leave That Suitcase in the Closet!” was run by Sarah Bordeleau, the Assistant Director of Student Activities at Curry College. This session immediately attracted me because, unfortunately, Bridgewater has had a slight reputation of being of suitcase school. Obviously we want to change that, and the session gave tips on how to pick programs that will encourage students to choose staying on campus over going home on the weekends. It also explored the reasons students go home, and how programmers can help encourage them to get rid of these habits. I really liked how Sarah discussed what kinds of programs worked at Curry to dismiss the suitcase reputation and what actually hurt them.  It also was nice to hear that many of their positive programs were actually events that PC has been doing for years, which was really a confidence booster. I also enjoyed the discussion on the importance of keeping campus traditions alive because I feel that this is something really important within an organization.

2) “From Common to Uncommon” was run by Pedro Vasquez, the Late Night Programmer at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The session was about how to improve late night events on campus, and ways of improving events at certain venues on campuses. Pedro talked a lot about the venue they used at UMass, and how they focused on the one venue for all their events. Although we use various venues for events, it was helpful to think about how to talk up the location where the event is being held. I really liked how Pedro incorporated a lot of marketing techniques and displayed a great variety of flyers his organization used as well. He discussed the importance of a street team and incorporating other organizations on campus, such as using the school radio station for advertising. Again, many of this organization’s newer ideas were methods that PC have been utilizing for some time now, but it was still a good refresher in improving evening events on campus.

I’m having such a fantastic time at NACA – I never want to leave!

Sam 🙂


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