Day 2 – Everything else!

There was not one point in time today during showcases that I was disappointed.  The lectures were so amazing! But my favorite part is when Bristaco got up and went up to the stage when Natalie Stovall was on stage and he got almost every delegation up on their feet at the stage.  Afterwards Bristaco and I went to Natalies booth in CAMP and she thanked him so much for doing that, and told him how much she loved it!  We are in a picture with her on her facebook.  Talk about Bridgewater having EPIC! school spirit.  Then after CAMP we went up to school swap!  School swap was amazing it was crazy and hectic, but I loved it.  Bartering with the other schools was hilarious my favorite interaction, “Can I trade a pen and this paper for a water bottle and t-shirt.” Fail, but good try. Now even though it is 1 a.m. I am going to work on the traditions presentation for tomorrow.  Goodbye and eventually goodnight!


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