Day 2- Ed. Session and Presentation!

Stop! Collaborate and listen!

Sooo my Ed. Session today was all about collaborations, so I’ve had Ice, Ice, Baby stuck in my head all day because of the collaborate part…very annoying, but I did like the ed. session so it all balances out.

This session was all about the four c’s starting with collaboration, then the different components of collaboration which are core, consult, and communication.  We started off with answering questions and we had to go to one of the four corners of the room to answer.  Each corner was either strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree, and disagree.  All of these were realted to collaborations within the school.  One of the questions that really got me thinking was the question about whether we collaborate with faculty and other departments on campus.  We really don’t do this, and while we weren’t given any time to really think about how we could further our involvement with them, I think it’s something that should be explored because a lot of other schools have really successful events by doing this.

Now to all of those c’s:

Core-explain your mission and purpose to any group you are trying to collaborate with.  If you don’t find that the other clubs mission or purpose matches yours then this group may not be the best to work with because there could be a clash of interest.  However, if you find that you want to work with a club because their mission and purpose follows yours then move onto the next step.

Consult-talk to the other group and figure out how you both like to communicate, whether this be through e-mail, text messages, facebook, face to face, etc.  Then start to figure out collaboration agreements.  This allows for you to come up with a plan for each step of the process and who is responsible for what.  Make sure everything is written down and signed by both groups.  Also, make sure you know how you will hold the other group accountable if they don’t follow through with their responsibilities.  This doesn’t constant communication doesn’t stop when the event is over make sure to have a post event meeting to evaluate the event.

Communication- Plan meetings throughout the event planning process and take minutes, send e-mails, and leave a paper trail so everyone knows who is accountable for what, and so everyone stays on the same page.

And finally the thing to keep these newly formed collaborations strong SUPPORT EACH OTHER!!!! Go to each others events post event so your connection stays strong.

Excellence in Programming was interesting.  I was very nervous which I know showed but I’m very proud of my fellow presenters Kelly Harvey, Lisa Goodspeed, and Rachel Freedenberg! Now only time will tell how it all went!!!


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