Day 1 of NACA for me! :)

Today was my first day of NACA! Because of schoolwork that my classmates and I needed to get done, I didn’t end up leaving Bridgewater until around 3:00pm. The ride was very easy but my legs got tired of sitting!

I got to NACA just as Howie Day was performing! I was able to find my fellow NACA delegates because of these sweet, exclusive NACA BSU Nation shirts we have with NACA on the back! Howie didn’t look too ecstatic to be performing, but it was still fun to hear him play “Collide!”

Following the end of that performance, it was time for pizza and then School Swap setup! The table looked great after a few adjustments and I think we have a good chance of winning the school pride category. The actual school swapping was so much fun and we got some great stuff!

The showcase tonight was absolutely amazing!!! The host comedian was so great, and he even gave us a shout out when Casey was Bristaco and danced up at the front of the stage!  He asked what school we were from and I said “Bridgewater State University” and he was like “your school has like 19 words, what is it?!!” and I said it again and he shouted it into the mic! So fun!

I loved the performer Natalie Stovall. She was so great and her band was amazing. She loved that Bristaco was up there dancing with her! Also, she told us later that she was smiling so wide when Bristaco came up to the stage and everyone else followed. So awesome!!

I also liked the performer Rachel P. She has an amazing voice and plays the piano and she had a percussionist with her as well. She sang that song “I’ve got a brand new pair of rollerskaaatess!” haha Can’t wait to get her demo!

Today was a great day. And I got an air mattress so I am not going bedless tonight! Thanks Casey!

Goodnight y’all.



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