I’ll have to edit this tomorrow; my NACA booklet is currently MIA.

But my morning started with the Excellence In Programming Sessions.  I watched Salem State, UConn, Bryant and Holy Cross.  UConn’s was so funny, they made it into a dating game of programs. I’ll go more in depth once I find my notes.

After that we headed to lunch and then off to the Lecture Showcase, which this year, NACA, you outdid yourselves. Each Lecture was fantastic. First was the Food Dude, Kevin Roberts, he’s fun but I’m not sure if we could really use him throughout the year, I feel like it would have to be as part of a “Wellness Week” or as part of a welcome week/orientation program.  Next was Marc Elliot: What Makes You Tic, and he is amazing, and so inspiring. He has Tourette Syndrom and basically no intestines and it just amazes me what 1 person can do with their life despite their challenges. After was Michel Chikwanine, SJL brought him to Bridgewater last year, but I didn’t get a chance to hear him speak and I was literally awed by his story, and Me to We is just such a great organization. After was Bernie McGrenahan, who tells his story of being an alcoholic and finding himself in jail, with several DUIs, and coming home to find out that his brother committed suicide, and it all started from a downward spiral of out of control drinking. Sex Signals was after and they are funny, but almost a little too rehearsed for me.

During the Showcase, Richie Holliday was funny, he used a kid’s spelling toy to make the “o-o-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-a-a-r-r-r-r-r-c-c-c-c-c-c-c” sound… and just watching the signer go through the letters that fast was hilarious. I watched him all day.

During Spotlight, the Emcee, Marcus was amazing, and drop dead sexy, especially when he threw his shirt into the audience and showed off his rippling body and massive amounts of tattoos. He was soso funny too, it was great.  Plastic Music was very entertaining and fun and just so new, that I think it would be cool to find something to have them open for, or at the carnival, or as a day-time event… anything really. MC Mr. Napkinds and Rachel P were both great, and under $1,000, I think it would be cool to have either of them (or both) to perform in Crimson on a Friday night. Napkins was a comedian/rapper and Rachel was a singer/keyboardist/with a drumer guy person. I really think we need to have more performers, even if it was a week night, I think seeing how well CSA’s Tuesday Night Comedian during Homecoming went,  should really push us to do more performers during dinner.  Koo Koo Kanga Roo also performed tonight, and it was nothing short of fantastic. It would definitely take a lot to get people involved with their performance, because let’s face it, not everyone is NACAtastic like us BSUians. But they rocked a PBJ song, Dino song, Airplane song, and even brought out a giant parachute thing like what you would play with 2nd grade.  They just have really great energy and even better personalities, I’d love to see them perform at BSU and I think RHA and SGA might be gettin’ on this train 😉

After (well and before) was the School Swap. Our booth was great, very school-pride oriented, I’m sure someone has a picture (sure.. aka I hope!) Meg O and I went in first and rocked up the background then everyone (in 2s) came in to work on it. I really hope Bridgewater can break our loosing streak and pull out a win tomorrow night. During the SWAP I went around and hand-wrote notes to other delegations saying HI YOU’RE GREAT, HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN, NICE JOB TODAY.. and other nice things. I also dance partied it up and sand songs for Bristaco. It was a good time. A great time.


Until tomorrow NACA

— Rachel



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