Sampler Showcase!!!!

Sampler Showcase was tonight!  Let me tell you there was amazing entertainment and talent among all of these artists.  Many of the artists have been seen on television or have toured with others in their industries before.  Listed below are the different artists:

Xclusive: Amazing!  I loved his performance of a dancing, singing, conversation.  It was so creative and it was hilarious.  He basically was trying to pick this girl up and the conversation was pre-recorded and then he would dance to all of the different songs that would play throughout the conversation.  And he can dance! I give him a thumbs up!

Brad McConnell: Brad was pretty good.  He played the guitar and harmonica at the same time which I must say was pretty darn impressive.  He sang as well.  He did a few covers but he did some original stuff as well.

Augustine: They were amazing!  This duet definitely have vocal and instrumental talent.  They also know how to keep the audience engaged which was very refreshing because from concerts and past experiences with younger performers they aren’t extremely engaging.  I honestly don’t have one bad thing to say about them.  They basically started off their set with playing a spoof off of the youtube videos double rainbow and we gonna find you!  I’m sure from those lines anyone can figure out what I’m talking about, and if not look them up they’re hilarious!  I would love to see them come to Bridgewater they play a wide range of music and make covers their own.

Francisco Ramos: So funny! He does something that some may find offensive, he makes fun of himself and stereotypes, but let’s be serious we all need to make fun of ourselves once in awhile.  I loved him, and he kept everyone laughing the entire time he was up on stage.

Joe Wong: Literally was crying I was laughing so hard.  This doesn’t happen often. I looked over at Sam Kenyon and died we were both laughing so hard.  When he first got on stage I was a little worried seeing as he didn’t get the warmest reception, but as soon as he opened his mouth everyone cracked up.  His first joke was about how he became an organ donor when he got his license is so funny.  He is a must for bwater!

Steve Means:  All of the girls simply loved him.  He is an amazing!! Singer and guitarist.  He is yet again another person that I couldn’t say enough good things about.  He was also very personable seeing as I met him later in C.A.M.P!  He is yet another person I could see coming to Bridgewater.

Chris Ayer: Had an awesome relaxed feel to his music.  He definitely knew how to sing.  He was a good change in pace for the showcase as a whole.  He felt almost to the point of a DMB type band. 

Byron Zanos: Definitely a more popish feel to him seeing as most musicians were a lot morer soulful and calm.  He did a great job and changing things up. 

I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all with this showcase.  My first showcase of NACA and I loved it!  This is something I’m looking forward to for tomorrow again!


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