OMG DAY 1 OF NACA!!!!!!!!!!!

So today was totally awesome/crazy/exciting/amazing!!!!! I loved every second of it including the time that I’m writing this blog at 1:26 am 😦 oh well at least I’m accompanied by some pretty awesome fellow delegates!

Today was a whirlwind, but I will try my best to explain my ed session and the showcases AND the market place which I LOVED!

My ed session was called  “A Walk in Our Shoes”  There were 2 presenters one was a programming board advisor from Quinippiac University, then the other presenter was a staff member from Fun Enterprises.  The session was a look into what their careers are all about as an advisor and an agent.  Both were really interesting and gave a really good and honest insight into what their respective careers are all about.  We learned that as an advisor there are pros and cons, but according to Steve its really a great field to be in.  Diane from Fun Enterprises was also great telling us that a normal 9-5 day in the office is very rare.  She said she travels alot and she really enjoys that aspect of the job.


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