NACA Day One…Let’s get it started!!!

NACA is the Disney World for Adults. While, you can never be too old for the original Disney; NACA is pretty damn close.  It’s controlled chaos that is loads of fun. Within the past 24 hours I entered an ED Session that was pinpoint on who I was,  got so many free things (aka Christmas Gifts!!!), meet many great artist, and heard many talented performers and comedians. Oh and to top it all off, I got to hold an alligator!!!!

The session I went to was called “Life is too short to do things you Suck at” and how true that is. The speaker, Joe was entertaining and got us moving and motivated. I would love to bring him to BSU for the fact that he expressed why we are even in College. We aren’t there to get a degree, we are there to get an education. Sometimes we take for granted why we go to school in the first place.

Joe discussed what your core genius is. He split us intro groups,  you decided first if you were expressive or not. Next, are you a risk taker or not? Insanely he got to my group and expressed us as the managers. The way my group came to decisions was exactly how I come to my decisions and work. But compared to other groups (the creativeness, the leaders and the relationship builders) we worked so differently.

Some of the great points he had were really interesting and so true. First, people aren’t motivated to do things they suck at. So why delegate them to do something when they aren’t motivated to do it! And he had such a great point…don’t say delegated. No body wants to be commanded to do something. But if you say that you entrust someone, they are excited with the task you appoint them. They feel worthy and are given a confidence boost because you entrusted them. Another great point, we treat people how they treat us. If you always say yes to someone, people are always going to go to you and take advantage because you never say no.

This session was so motivating and one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended. I really enjoyed the speaker,; he was so entertaining. More importantly, he hit right on so many key ideas. Why should we spend time being “well-rounded” when we can focus are time on things we are good at. When you feel good about what you do, you are motivated to do so. Motivation is the driving force to ambition.

The comedians were excellent, it was a complete laugh fest. My favorite was a singing comedian who did parodies of popular songs today. He did a toxic Brittney Spears melody dedicated to Lindsay Lohan and Party in the USA turned into Robbing a bank. It was very entertaining to say the least. Our mc’s for the night taught us the humor in dating, they were incredibly funny and loved when they were on stage. Two other performers that really stood out in my mind was this singing rapping band that had incredible melodies of so many popular songs. The other, this improve group called “Baby likes Candy” who did a 15 minute impromptu musical about toothpaste.

So NACA Day one was a great experience to say the least. If today was any indication of what tomorrow will be than I can’t wait to wake up! But first I need to go to sleep….so with that being said, Good Night NACA world!



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