I had an awesome time at my ed session today. The name of my session was, “Life is too short to do Things you suck at”. Our facilitator Joe was extremely entertaining and kept the group very active and motivated throughout the session. Joe taught us how to find our “Core Genius”. This inner Genius is the thing in us that we are naturally good at. He told us that once we find that core genius that we need to stick to doing things that fall into that core genius and stop doing the other things. So if we focus on the things that we are good at and entrust tasks that we aren’t good at to people that are good at them, we will be able to get a lot done within our organization. It was amazing when he helped us figure out what our core genius was. Mine was relationships and it was cool when he was describing the characteristics of a “relationships” person it was amazing how exact it matched me. Overall it was an amazing ed session and I would definitely consider bringing him to BSU to do a presentation.

The showcases were very good overall. All of the artists were good except for one girl group. There was one girl whose pants kept on falling down and it was very awkward. But the rest of the musicians were very good especially the guitarists. I was blown away by their ability to play.

Goodnight NACA world!

Hopefully day 2 is just as fun!


One thought on “NACA DAY 1

  1. Matt, I’m glad to see you liked your first ed session! The title of it really appealed to me and seemed interesting when we were picking out ed sessions. The “core genius” concept sounds really cool.

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