Naca: Day 1….. so exciting! :)

So, today was the first day of NACA….lets just say, it was completely amazing. I had expectations for this conference, but today was so much more than I thought.

At the first Ed Session I went to (Community Service) I learned a lot. We learned the importance of community service, which would be helping others, bringing awareness to others, providing leadership skills and building a resume. The presenter was from JWU, and gave all of us different ideas for how to program while incorporating community service projects. Some different ideas she has was to do a dance marathon which the benefits would go to the Make A Wish Foundation. She also told us to see what is important to other students, and plan programs around those interests. This way, more people would get involved and would be interested in the program. She also suggested that we contact outside charities and philanthropies, or co-sponsor with other clubs or departments. This ed session was really helpful, considering I am doing a “Homelessness Hits Home” event in a few weeks. πŸ™‚

Dinner time was fun. The aerial angels were….entertaining. SMALLER! πŸ™‚ Dinner was delicious, and even though our cheer was a fail at dinner, we did awesome cheers outside waiting for CAMP.

The showcases today were amazing. I completely fell in love with a ton of performers and want to bring them to BSU. Steve Means, Austin Kyle, Five Times August and Koo Koo Kangaroo. I loved being able to see multiple acts and being able to see a variety of performers.

CAMP was also amazing. I thought it would be alright, but this was crazy. There were so many opportunities and new ideas for BSU to bring back to campus….so many great novelties and performers!

Overall, today was FABULOUS! I had such a fantastic time… the ride down was kind of long, and the day was very long, but it was all worth it. I had such a blast, and am so grateful that I am having this opportunity. Thanks PC πŸ™‚


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