NACA Day 1

So I have been waiting weeks and weeks to go to NACA and now the first day is already over…so sad but it was an amazing day!!! I can’t believe all the stuff that went on at the conference and we were only here for like half a day. Its crazyyy. Ed sessions, showcases, CAMPS, free stuff…I LOVE NACA!

Now down to business. The Ed session that I attended today was called “Leadership According to Dr. Seuss.” During the session we broke up into groups of 12. So in all there were 6 groups total. I was in the same group as Amber and Loryn (so our blogs may be very similar). Each group got assigned to read and discuss a Dr. Seuss book. The six options were: 1.) Sneeches 2.) Yertle the Turtle 3.) The Butter Battle Book  4.) Horton Hears a Who 5.) Horton Hatches an Egg 6.) The Lorax. Our group got assigned Horton Hears a Who which was written in 1954. We each read a few pages of the story aloud while passing it around in a circle. For our discussion our group focused on a few quotes that really stood out to us while reading the story. The first quote was said many times throughout the story: “a person’s a person no matter how small.” This quote connects with leadership and qualities associated with working in a committee like Program Committee because it suggests that even if you only have a small group or small budget you can still do a lot with it and create amazing events that people will enjoy.  We also felt that it suggested if every person does their job then some success is guaranteed. As a side note, I thought it was really interesting  when the man running the Ed session mentioned that this quote has had much controversy because many have thought that Dr. Seuss was making a statement about abortion when staying this. The next quote that we focused on was “to come to the aid of their country.” We discussed that this quote shows that a delegation or committee as a whole needs to work together towards a common goal. To achieve success, people need to be supportive of each other’s thoughts and ideas. The last thing we discussed was how Horton was a strong leader and made sure that his voice was heard and so were the voices of others, which is a great quality to have as a leader. Each group then shared their ideas from each story. Lots of qualities such as communication, compromise, diversity, accepting differences and conflict/resolution were mentioned when discussing leadership in the other stories. All in all this Ed session was interesting. It was cool to see how much leadership is talked about in Dr. Seuss’ books. My favorite quote from the Ed session was: “As a child we listened to the words, now we listen to the story.”

                The showcases we went to today were awesome. I definitely had a few favorites. One being Steve Means. He had an amazing voice. I was so excited to get his CD at the marketplace after his performance. I also really enjoyed Jada. They reminded me of Danity Kane. For comedians I really liked Xclusive. He was really funny, especially when he did his “conversation” piece.  Another performer that I really liked was Thick as Thieves. The lead singer was an amazing rapper. They were very entertaining and I loved how they sang lots of popular songs. I believe those were all my favorites from the day! And of course I LOVED the marketplace. It was sooo amazing and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. I love free stuff and meeting all the wonderful performers that we saw at the showcases.

So its now 2 am and I am climbing into bed and going to sleep so I can at least get some sleep before I have to wake up at 7. All in all, first day of NACA=AMAZING!!

❤ Caitlin  🙂


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