NACA Day 1

So today was a very over whelming day. As soon as we arrived we were given our passes, signed up for volunteering, given room keys and dropped off our stuff in our rooms. By that time we had to be ready to go to the welcome session.

Then we had our first education session. I went to this session with Caitlin and Loryn. The education session that I went to was Leadership with Dr. Seuss. The presenter was really nice and upbeat. He had a good way of keeping everyone interested. In this session we used 6 Dr. Seuss books and had to read them in small groups and talk about how the books relate to leadership. I really liked this session. Someone in our group had brought up a very good point. He said that as kids we listen to stories but now as adults we actually read them. This is a very good point. My group had the book Horton hears a who. My group said that when the mayor said “to come to the aid of their country” we took this as if we all work towards a common goal we can achieve success. This story is a good way to think about leadership in a totally different light.  But I really enjoyed this session. It peaked my interest because I am an elementary education major and anything that has to deal with children interests me. 

After this education session we had our first showcase sampler. In this sampler we saw 8 sets of performers. Each group performed for 15 minutes each. My favorite performer was Steve Means. Not only was he a great performer he was really cute too. I met him after the show in the market place (a place where all venders display some of the things that they offer) and he was really nice. I have already listened to his CD twice. I had a few others that I really liked. For example: Xclusive. He had a funny dance/song called “the conversation.”

The market place was the BEST! I loved meeting all the associates. They all have such great things to offer. I can’t wait to see if we can bring any of them to the campus. I have seen so many new ideas that would be perfect for us that we have not done yet.

Now its 2:07am and I am exhausted. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring… YAY!!! I love NACA.

P.S. For dinner we had manicotti and tiramisu. It was delicious. We also had a performance during dinner. 


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